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  1. Carlos

    PS4 "other" Data and Download

    I don't mind it. I'm really trying to help you.
  2. Carlos

    PS4 "other" Data and Download

  3. Carlos

    PS4 "other" Data and Download

    I know. I got frustrated with the last update before this Season Three update. I download patch update, it downloads, and installs... BUT then ASKS us to fucking download Multiplayer Pack 2! Like, bro.. what are you doing? You can hear my confusion here: View...
  4. Carlos

    PS4 "other" Data and Download

    I don't know what to tell you, then. I share your frustration, man. Fuck if I know!
  5. Carlos

    PS4 "other" Data and Download

    Yes. Because the game is going to "copy" files from your disc. You gotta understand, your system is local "host" to MW. Stupid, I know. [You have the game, should be enough.]
  6. Carlos

    PS4 "other" Data and Download

    So delete other, and minecraft unless your child uses it. (Opps, you said you already deleted minecraft. )
  7. Carlos

    PS4 "other" Data and Download

    You don't have to, what I am saying is look in your storage and see if a chunk of your harddrive is making it harder for MW to continue installing. Sony is trying to fix this with PS5, for now though this is how it is.
  8. Carlos

    PS4 "other" Data and Download

    Hm. I too, have a 500GB HDD. I rotate games in and out of my hard drive. I just did it with MWR. Check your "storage" in options. What does it say? I mean, what's eating so much of your HDD? Your hard drive thinks there's more in hard drive.
  9. Carlos

    PS4 "other" Data and Download

    This update only requires 11GB, so what your system is saying is to make room for 11GB. The 100GB space the PS4 is saying you maxed out your harddrive. Don't just delete 11GB, make a little room. A wiggle room.
  10. Carlos

    Just WarZone...

    If you didn't get it unlocked that means you need Battle Pass. Most of the items you unlocked recently are free tier.
  11. Carlos

    CP Bug

    Either reset the game or report it to Infinity Ward.
  12. Carlos

    Dont make warzone free

    Cool it.
  13. Carlos


    You didn't really lose your rank, look in barracks, if you played 3 seasons so far, your career rank show in yellow. My career level is 300-ish.
  14. Carlos

    Fed up of PC Cheats - When will Xbox be able to disable cross play?

    He was saying in general. But you popped off on him with the flaming.
  15. Carlos

    Fed up of PC Cheats - When will Xbox be able to disable cross play?

    You. Chill it. Or I hand out suspension.
  16. Carlos

    Fed up of PC Cheats - When will Xbox be able to disable cross play?

    You can turn off cross play. Go to options > account > cross play and there should be an option to turn off. Just remember you are going to have a limited pool, since you're only going to be in the same pool as Xbox players.
  17. Carlos

    Modern Warfare Season Three arrives April 8th

    Activision and Infinity Ward released a new trailer to the official Call of Duty YouTube channel hyping up the third content drop, titled "Season Three." This content drop will feature new maps, new modes, and new weapons. It will drop tomorrow morning on April 8, 2020... View...
  18. Carlos

    PC: throwing a flare keybind

    Which game are you playing?
  19. Carlos

    Warzone: Good but not great.

    Actually, Ground War is what you're looking for. Buy Modern Warfare.
  20. Carlos

    Weapon dont get exp

    Stay calm, we're close to a new season... View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kdz7mesTuEM