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  1. BatachugotChew

    PSN Looking for PS4 Clan for MW, WW2

    Hello, I love playing COD WW2 and MW. Wanted to join a clan, im on PS4. Message me please PSN: BatachuGotchu
  2. BatachugotChew

    Multi Unity Squad Recruiting [16+][Multi][US/EU]

    Hello are you still recruiting?
  3. BatachugotChew

    PlayStation Network ID Thread

    PS4 - US - BatachuGotchu
  4. BatachugotChew

    Looking for a casual clan to join. Please message me

    Looking for a casual clan to join. Please message me
  5. BatachugotChew

    PSN Looking for PS4 clan

    Hiya, my names Chew, im 23, I like playing COD and have been playing for years. Im looking for clans to be recruited into. Please let me know. Thank you
  6. BatachugotChew

    PSN Experience, Disciplined clan member looking for recruitment.

    WARNING LONG BUT WORTH THE READ! Names Chew, I've been around since the first CoD came to be. Started making my way into organizations during MW era. Like I said, my name is Chew but I used to go by ORG x PR0D1GY. People new me. Very skilled and new my way around with a scope. I was in ORG...