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    Gigantic updates made by mentally retarded people

    Plot twist. After installing the 30gb update, the game is at basically the same size as it was before the update (No idea where the 30gbs keep going)
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    Lagging/Rubber Banding in Warzone - Anyone else experiencing this right now?

    I have been having the same problem basically every match since the season 4 update dropped. No lag problems what so ever before that in around 160 hours of playtime. Something about the season 4 update made the game completely unplayable.
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    The worst thing about Modern Warfare. Join in Progress.

    I don't really mind beeing put in a match that already started. Beeing put in a match that has already started an the enemy team already have multiple killstreaks ready is the worst though. I have been put into matches where I litterally died 7-8 times before I ever even had a chance to move...
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    Server maintenance done?

    I saw that there was supposed to be server maintenance today. I was hoping that would fix the whole packet loss, rubber banding and seconds long freezing that startet with season 4. I have joined a handful of lobbies today and the problem is as bad as it was before. Did I get the time wrong? Did...
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    Game options?

    I always use quickplay on both Ps4 and Pc, but thats because I only really play Domnation and all the playlists are usually random gamemodes.
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    Sniper rifle and marksman rifle ADS speed

    Yeah I used to think it was just attachments, but I haven't been able to get the ADS speed to the point you see in some of these youtubers videos even when I put ADS specific attachments on all 5 attachment slots.
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    Game options?

    They are the same.
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    I never bought anything except for the battlepass so I never tried the cryo guns I tried the Dragon breath shotgun and didn't really feel like it made the weapon better just different.
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    Ranking Up Your Mil-Sim

    I think its a bug. I have done all the requirements for Price multiple times but still only have the standard skin for him and nothing seem to have registered
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    Movement Speed

    The weapons have attachments that can make you move faster. You also move faster with some weapon types than others. Pistols and knives are the fastest followed by the smgs.
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    Lobby for Xbox and Ps4 only. No pc hackers

    To be honest the absolutely horrible servers and netcode are the cause of 99% of the weird stuff people see in this game. "he shot me through the cliffside" he likely just walked around it, and the dogshit servers didn't update his location in time for you to see it. "He must have an aimbot...
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    XP generation

    Only thing I cant think of is that your buddy must have completed a lot of his challenges. Gun challenges, Daily challenges, Operator challenges and so on.
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    Ping high at evening

    I have had the game not be able to find games below 150ping on the quickmatch tab, but then when I get in the game that is supposed to have 150ping my latency is the same as it usually is. (25-39ms) Everything about this games netcode and servers are weird as hell. They really need to get...
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    Modern Warfare PC glitching every few seconds bug

    I think the servers might be having some trouble atm. I just had a few matches in a row where I had a problem like yours. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as in your video, but I would get these 10-15 second stutters and the packet loss sign flashing constantly. Thats the first time I have ever...
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    How to get 20-40 kills?

    Yeah I mainly play domnation/Hardcore and after a while you'll know where you need to watch out and where you can just go full tactical sprint. Every map usually have a handful of spots where 99% of the time there'll be one or more campers/easy kills waiting.
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    Care Package Theft

    But they have to hold down the button for atleast 4 times as long time as you to capture it, if you're the one who called it in. Unless you have insane, then I just don't understand how they are getting it before you. It'll take atleast a couple of seconds to capture someone elses care package...
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    How to get 20-40 kills?

    Not sure what to tell you. I get that on most games (More often closer to 20 than 40, but still) When I do get near the 40's though it'll usually be with the help of a good killstreak
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    Care Package Theft

    I still don't get how they are "capturing" it before you, if you're right there?
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    Care Package Theft

    Yeah I agree with Carlos. If you die and spawn far away, then it's actually better that one of your teammates pick it up to prevent the enemies from getting to it first. If you didn't die then I don't even understand how they had enough time to steal it (the player who called it in can pick it...
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    Modern Warfare PC glitching every few seconds bug

    Do you only get problems in MW and not any other games?