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    Why nerf everything except the snipers?

    I noticed after this update that Activision gamers must primarily be snipers. They nerfed the grau (which is understandable). What I don’t understand is why nerf the MP5 and c4? You literally BUFFED the most powerful weapons in the game (sniper rifles) but nerf everything else?? This is BS...
  2. H

    Game will be dead if the following things wont happen!

    Crazy how you never mentioned how big of pussies snipers are. You must be one if this is what you’re bitching about
  3. H

    The worst thing about Modern Warfare. Join in Progress.

    I am tired of going to fight a team, then they run away to snipe on top of the hill! Why would you nerf the grau, but let these pansies keep getting one shots from 600 meters away while head glitching it’s amazing how bad they will whine when killed by a grau, that’s why it’s being nerfed...