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Angels of Death

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    Can I post cheaters on this fourm?

    Literally, he was on target for all 3 of those if you go frame by frame. It's called quick-scoping. He even missed one.
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    Let me get this right

    I thought you deleted the game months ago?
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    Warzone needs to die

    Sooo you deleted the game months ago but you still come here daily to complain about the game? *scratches chin*
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    Test for you consolers

    Repeat after me. MCFLYYY. Plays. On. PC. Without. Using. Aim. Assist. Aim-assist is not helping me. I am not advocating for aim-assist because I use it. I'm advocating for it because console users need it because they are at a disadvantage and we need a level playing field in order to have...
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    Test for you consolers

    Right I agree that's what I'm saying. Aim-assist isn't an aimbot, it just lowers your sensitivity when you're on target to make aiming easier, but you still have to do the physical aiming yourself.
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    Test for you consolers

    I play on PC man. I fully admitted back on page 1 that I play on PC and I'm aware that using a mouse gives me a large advantage over a consoler. That's why I'm fine with aim-assist existing, because it levels the playing field which is necessary for crossplay. And I like crossplay because I can...
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    Test for you consolers

    See I don't agree with this either. I've seen several YT vids where guys demonstrate what the aim-assist looks like and how it works. It definitely works and you can tell when it's turned on. Your reticle definitely gets slowed down when it crosses a target. However it's not auto-aim and doesn't...
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    Test for you consolers

    Link to anything credible? I just googled and couldn't find anything.
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    Test for you consolers

    Calm down man. Yes but the distance traveled by a mouse on a mousepad vs a tiny joystick on a controller is completely different. They literally use this as a measure to set your in-game sensitivity - cm travelled on your mousepad to make 360. So you can play with low sensitivity but still...
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    Test for you consolers

    From what I've seen about how the aim-assist works, your crosshair just needs to be near the enemy hitbox, and then it effectively slows down your sensitivity which makes it easier to stay on target. So yes, you do still have to use the right stick to make anything happen, but all movements you...
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    HDR sniper rifle

    You unlock it at rank 11, so you'd need to play like 1.7 matches to get it?
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    I don't get the idea of Blueprints?

    Yea I know a ton of people love Shipment, just not my cup of tea. I prefer a slower paced game so Shipment and Rust are not my favorites. And yea, I saw some of the teasers about what's coming. I'm hoping for major changes to the map.
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    I don't get the idea of Blueprints?

    Okay so your entire opinion is rendered invalid as soon as you said Shipment was a new favorite (:D). I understand I don't have to buy any Blueprints. My issue is I feel they're spending the majority of their time cranking out Blueprints instead of improving the game itself. And sure you can...
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    I don't get the idea of Blueprints?

    Spending more effort pumping on skins and operators is not improving the game. There are bugs and gameplay mechanics that need to be fixed. They could be adding to the map or releasing a 2nd map. Why do they only have 1 map for WZ per year? Why not put some of the time and funds they keep...
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    WAW is still one of my favorite online games ever - loved that SVT-40 with an ACOG <3. Got accused of cheating so often with that thing. I liked that game so much I played it for 2 years and never even moved on to MW2, especially since I heard such bad things about that game when it came out. I...
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    AMR impossibility

    I believe the reticle challenges are not dependent on the weapon, just the specific scope. For instance when I put a VLK on my AMR and go to the reticles, it says I have "129/200 kills with the Scout Combat Optic". When I do the same for the AX-50, I get the same 129/200 kills message about the...
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    Disconnect From Servers

    I got the Server Disconnect yesterday in the middle of a WZ match. It wouldn't let me sign back in with 3 attempts - got a "cannot connect to online services" error message. I thought I got banned lmao. But a restart fixed it.
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    Blocking and reporting does nothing

    This is weird - could take a bit to process in the system as Automag suggested. Or, I wouldn't put it past a small indie startup like Activision to just put in a placebo "block button" that in reality doesn't do anything at all. They just figure, the chances of you ever seeing that player again...
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    These people suck

    Ahh the classic "if I kill you I'm just good but if you kill me it's either hacking or lag". I can say with 99.99999999% certainty that you didn't have hackers in 40% of the matches you played. Even the streamers I follow who play in elite 4-man Quads don't see hackers at that rate, and they're...
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    Call of duty warzone: Campers/Snipers paradise trash

    Yea, it's so much more skillful to run around sliding and halo-jump spraying an mp5 or stock-less FAL from 1.5 meters away /s