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  1. Haven

    IMPORTANT. Look out for suspicious links.

    My suggestion would be that @Carlos promotes 1 or 2 active members to moderator the forums when he's not able to handle these scenarios right away. :oops:
  2. Haven

    How do you "unlock Captn Price skin via missed battle pass 4 " thanks Covid

    From the looks of it you will not be able to receive Captain Price any other way besides if he has a pack released in the future.
  3. Haven

    the mp5/smg.

    It's simply because the MP5 and other accurate, high-fire rate, medium damage weapons are easiest to use at any level. You can win gunfights at any range of combat, close quarters to long-range exchange. It's an easy way to play, simply why it's so popular.
  4. Haven

    Black ops Cold War warzone?

    Maybe this can shed some light. I am currently playing the cross-play beta right now and the "Dirty Bomb" game-mode has an item drop and pickup feature like Warzone (or any battle royal) type mode. As well as a resurrection/last stand feature where you can revive your teammates. Something to...
  5. Haven

    No worries, man. Excited to see more people join!

    No worries, man. Excited to see more people join!
  6. Haven

    Looking for CoD Players who are Essential Workers or have Pandemic stories for documentary filming in LA

    Darn, wish I was in LA.. this sounds interesting. Good luck in your project!
  7. Haven

    Abuse of Power - E-Sports Banner Mock

  8. Haven


    Oh absolutely, I was just saying haha. We're cool!
  9. Haven

    Haven's Here!

    Let's have a design-off ;)
  10. Haven


    I didn't show off any work? The image is my signature, man. I didn't understand the context of your thread, first and foremost, lol.
  11. Haven

    No AS VAl Weapon

    Tier system, as said in the above replies. Earn progress towards your battle-pass by playing. I have noticed I get the most XP by playing and surviving/killing in Warzone.
  12. Haven


    I am a designer for semi-pro e-sports teams!
  13. Haven

    Black Ops: Cold War - Highlights and Take-aways!

    Now that we've been able to play both an alpha release and a beta release, what are some things that stuck out for you game play/gun play/play in general, wise? For me, the inclusion of gunsmith has (since MW) been my favorite thing. The customization potential since previous games has...
  14. Haven

    This Game Is So Broken

    I understand where you're coming from, but I don't think the game is deemed unplayable by any means. If you can't beat them, join them!
  15. Haven

    Black ops Cold War warzone?

    At the rate Warzone is going, it's going to be it's own entity. I don't think Cold War will necessarily have its own BR-style game-mode, but as said before I think they will develop it and make additions to it that feature CW weapons/maps? Not sure. It's all up in the air till release (and...
  16. Haven

    Haven's Here!

    Hi there. My name is Haven, and I am 22 years old. I have been a console player since 2012 but I do dabble in PC gaming! I have played at a semi-pro level in Call of Duty, and have only recently started getting back into the grind and scene, but overall I play pretty casually (just a little...