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    New Battle Pass weapons and their season trends.

    I have had this thought for quite some time now, especially with the spr 203 being so broken,and everyone complaining. People bought loads of tiers just to access the weapon early before its nerfed. its a money making scheme thats for sure,and pathetic bussiness practice at that.
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    Black ops Cold War warzone?

    you are correct it is much different, its totally different. warzone is just gonna get the operators,and weapons ect not the game mechanics of blackops engine. that would mean totally recoding the server game/clent base.
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    pc player mouse and keyboard settings please

    set your mouse sensitivity to 5.00, if you want higher the dpi button on your mouse will increase your speeds. make sure mouse sensitivity is off. FOV i would say set to 100 with 103 being the sweet spot.
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    Please have a NO SHOTGUN MODE and keep lobbies...

    They kept the "tanky," weighty, clunky controls (movement) because this game is based off of the black ops set up. MW is a totally different feel,and game play. The reasons you mentioned is why i barely ever played black ops 4,and stuck with MW. Cold war is a little bit of improvent tho, I have...
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    Alot to fix

    Yes I agree the reload is clunky,and slow,but the rest of your complaint seems to be lag on your end, or you are playing on a console. I havent had any issues with lag or anything to that affect.
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    cold war question.

    64 players for PC port would be no problem, I wonder if the consoles could handle it. I seriously doubt it.
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    Love it

    I agree its ok,and its better than black ops 4. They can keep their nuketown,Im sick of re hashed maps in every COD game. We pay for new games for new content, not rehashed maps.
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    My thoughts on Cold War

    Drop shot is an attachment on the hand grip now. You should level up to max 31"Captain" and max your weapon before you give your opinion. If you had done that you would know that drop shot is an attachment now.