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    Xbox Gamertag Thread

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    Yes but unfortunately as I said I work :(
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    This sucks because I work almost every day 12 hrs a day I got to play it a little and I love it I wish beta was longer I really wanted to play more. Can't wait for the game to come out so I can play when I want I love the game. Can't wait to play the full game
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    Love it

    For gameplay yes I want more new maps but nuketown would be nice for like private matches
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    Love it

    Ok so I have played the game more and I love it I just hope since this is a black ops they bring back their signature map nuketown but as I play more I love it
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    Alot to fix

    I think there is alot to fix lag time between reload is way to long and how is it I got shot did not die but could not shoot back
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    Please have a NO SHOTGUN MODE and keep lobbies...

    I agree we need a mode where people not just running around with this shotguns 1 hit kill but hit them with the ak47 75 rd clip drum and they still running around is ridiculous