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    Every single year someone complains and wants there money back. Or tries to demand there money back. Do people still not understand it doesn’t work that way? Am I the odd man out that doesn’t understand?
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    Skill Bases Match Making

    ^^^ this guy gets it.
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    Is it just me? Or does everyone experience this so called issue of campers every single time a new call of duty is released? What’s makes this any different? I’ve been playing call of duty series since the original cod4. And it was campers then. And it’s campers now. This game is no different...
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    Am i the only one using a AK-74u?

    I’ve noticed this also. Rarely see ak74u on the ground. When it comes to SMG usage. I see more MP5 and Milano.
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    The more I play this the more I regret spending my money on this game..

    Graphics and sound for sure is a downgrade if comparing to Modern Warfare. But the feel of the game play is way better then Modern Warfare, IMO. Though the connection from both games still very terrible. Hit marker machine so I have to camp. Love it when people tell me “you need to aim better”...
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    Skill Based Match Making

    “That is not how casual players want to play this game. I have a 2.2 kd and though that is high, I do not like being matched with people of that same skill level” LMAO, this was great to read.