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  1. Wiseowl

    Fracture jaw?

    As I’ve quite had enough of mp l thought I’d give campaign a go. I get to this level l kill all the enemies after helicopter and it doesn’t move on! I’ve done it a billion times, what it’s supposed to do is you’ll see a white flash and it moves on, with me it doesn’t! l also went all the way up...
  2. Wiseowl

    Different to the alpha and beta

    I have noticed the way the guns feel now are different to the way they were in alpha and beta? I used to be able to actually feel the xm4 shooting but not much now. Also why am l playing absolutely worse now compared to the alpha and beta? Most of the time l will die slightly more than double to...
  3. Wiseowl

    Assault rifle Fal?

    Is this a good gun? I tried using it a while ago but if l remember right it only shoots one bullet at a time. It’s meant to be a fast shooter, a semi auto? Will that bit unlock through level progression? Which attachments are good as a low level gun and then which attachments to change once...
  4. Wiseowl

    Adverts on this forum?

    I’m using my mobile to view this forum, but why all of a sudden l see adverts on every post, there’s 7 women to one 1 man?
  5. Wiseowl

    Ram 7

    Using the ram atm, attachments are fractions stock, 5mw laser, 50 mags, commando and compensater. I’ve unlocked the Ranger barrel but l can’t work out if that’s better to use instead of the compensater? Edit ftac stock, stupid prediction text again
  6. Wiseowl

    Cold War warzone?

    Has anybody been able to play warzone in coldwar? When l press it, it says do l wanna close down Cold War, if l say yes then it’ll take me to moder warfare warzone? If l say no then it won’t do anything just gives me the menu again?
  7. Wiseowl

    Coop intel missions

    I thought l would try something different today but when l click on any mission, it says unknown with a locked sign? How do l unlock the missions?
  8. Wiseowl

    Battle pass tokens?

    I went to have a look at a weapon in the battle pass, thinking pressing square would look at it more detail, what happened was it gave me 3 full bar passes/skips, cos the bar was halfway on something it gave me 4 new items? How do you get these battle pass tokens? I haven’t purchased anything...
  9. Wiseowl

    Everyone look at this post!

    All of you stop fucking using the same gun! Fucking SP-R 208!!! It’s fucking boring and annoying! Fucking retards!
  10. Wiseowl

    PlayStation severs?

    Are they down? I now can’t play MW again it’s saying l need playstuon plus but l already have it?
  11. Wiseowl

    f'n updates

    So l go play the game realising it needed an update, wait 3 hours fir it to download says it completed, go to play game and what the fuck happened? Installation suspended again! So multiplayer data pack 2 has a tiny bit of bar left, go to download again and now wait another 3 hours AGAIN...
  12. Wiseowl

    Thoughts on Black Ops Cold War

    The graphics and colours are amazing! Maps amazing. I find Miami for me is the hardest map. I also find that l don’t mind playing hardpoint, it some how feels different to MW! In MW l find it a bit boring.
  13. Wiseowl

    Black ops Cold War warzone?

    I’ve heard there is gonna be a warzone in this new game? I really hope it’s not true?
  14. Wiseowl

    Download Black Ops Cold War now!

    For anybody who didn’t know you can download the alpha now, for a couple of days play! :D
  15. Wiseowl

    High alert

    I thought l’d give this perk a go with a snapshot grenade! I’ve had quite a few goes but not noticed any pulsating. When it happens is it very noticeable? It’s ok once agin l have answered my own question! But this is an amazing perk! I’m trying to get some mounted kills on shoothouse, l know...
  16. Wiseowl

    Quad feed

    I must have got this at some point when my mission wasn’t selected! Now it’s taking forever and l am very hungry for my 4 course dinner! I’m trying to do it with an AR. I did have the vtol jet and gun ship selected, saw vids it’s best to use chopper gunner, so l swapped it. I go to small maps...
  17. Wiseowl

    Reload kills

    Does anybody know exactly how long it’ll take from a reload, until it won’t count as a reload kill?
  18. Wiseowl

    CR56 continued!

    So has some has been rating this gun, l thought l’d give it a go! I have been using Emissary version and l’m not that fond of it yet. I’ve leveled it upto 24 and just unlocked nvg, which I’ll probably use when ls are unlocked. The question this gun gets better without underbarrel and rear grip...
  19. Wiseowl

    Keeps checking for updates?

    I’m on PS4 it’s in a loop of checking for updates. Nothing wrong with my internet connection! How do l fix this? Anybody else having any issues? It will come up with an error saying it can’t connect to network servers, then the loop will start again! I’m able to play a few games but it keeps...
  20. Wiseowl

    Summer games!

    I have tried so hard, the best l’ve come up with 1m and 16, with 4 secs in gas :(