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    Fennec Build

    Probably the highest fire rate gun in the game now the Fennec can down enemies quickly but comes with a kick due to high recoil. I designed my build around controlling the recoil while giving it a big boost in accuracy and range to hit targets at further away without the gun jumping all over the...
  2. K

    Officer Challanges

    Use The Shrapnel Perk and the Munition Box To Finish These Faster 1. C4: Get 5 Kills with C4 (1,500 XP) 10. Claymore: Get 5 Kills with Claymores (1,500 XP) 12. Proximity Mine: Get 15 Kills with Proxy Mines (6,000 XP) 18. Semtex: Get 15 Kills using Semtex (9,000 XP) 25. Snack Attack: Kill 2 or...
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    Did you know?

    A few things I already knew or just found out yesterday. The gun in your first class changes the default operators appearance. Camoflauge - Certain skins actually make it hard to see the enemy in certain dark spots on the map if there not moving. The pallets you can stand on in shipment for...
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    Warzone, modern warfare season 4 postponed.

    Season 4 has been put on hold for the time being. https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/2/21277973/new-call-of-duty-content-postponed-protests-activision
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    Updated Activision Support Page

    Activision has updated their support page after several months. It now reads as follows. Support Availability Impacted - As the global COVID-19 situation evolves, we’re taking cautionary steps to help protect our employees as much as possible. As a result, you may experience increased waiting...
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    Gun Builds

    I have been trying out every gun to see what I can build. While most can only be altered slightly a few have interesting potential. --- 100 Round Submachine Gun (Holger-26 Light Machine Gun) Merc Thermal Optic (Spot Enemies Faster) Monolithic Suppressor (Increased Damage, Range, Plus Noise...
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    Get a jump on next season before it comes out.

    If you are like me and have multiplayer missions left but finished the last battle pass you can get started on them now but stop just short of finishing them so when the next battle pass drops you can finish them for some fast progression in season 4.
  8. K

    The best sniper rifle in the game isn't a sniper rifle.

    The Fal is in the assault rifle class though it is a marksman rifle. It fires faster then many of the marksman rifles being able to fire as fast as you can pull the trigger and has controllable recoil. But with the right attachments it can be as deadly as any sniper. The primary being the three...
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    Little things to do to level up faster.

    With the current season ending soon I thought I would post this to help players finish the current season or get a jump on next season when it comes out. Challenges of course. Once you hit officer you get a large number of challenges for each level you rank up as well as daily and weekly...
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    Can't get any higher in rank. Now what?

    Beat the battlepass and the rank progression on two separate accounts, now what do I do? Earning experience points for missions, daily, and weekly challenges is pointless since I am a five star general.
  11. K

    Something I like to see in multiplayer. Over time.

    This is just my mind thinking up crap but I think it would be fun that at the end of a match it would go into a one minute overtime with no respawns and everyone appears on the radar instead of just ending the match with everyone stops shooting and just stands there looking at the last guy you...
  12. K

    Punish one group to please another.

    They keep flip flopping on warzone. First two man plunder , then trios, then quads only for it to go back to two and now three. Every one likes to play something different but activision can seem to figure it out and keeps punishing one group to please another. I haven't played warzone in weeks...
  13. K

    The worst thing about Modern Warfare. Join in Progress.

    I am tired of getting put in matches on multiplayer via join in progress. This has always been a major problem with every call of duty. Players leave so activison in their wisdom figures lets punish other players and put them in a match where their team is losing and spawn them in some random...
  14. K

    Costumer Service Is Very Lacking.

    Activation costumer service is a pain. I tried to find a contact email or something but there isn't any and their web site will just give you the run around and say talk to a representative but you can't. I tried to set up a log in but it wanted my player info which I am not going to give.
  15. K

    Buy stations to random in plunder.

    Which buy stations spawn during a game can be very troublesome. I have my favorite area to plunder and get a ton of loot early in the game but I quickly get marked and have to make a mad dash to buy a balloon to get my cash out. Sometimes there is a vehicle nearby or a buy station while other...
  16. K

    Download loadable content not showing.

    I added my sisters name to my xbox so my niece can play under her name. But it doesn't show all of the add on packs despite my sister having all the add on on her xbox and only shows multiplayer 2 and spec ops 2 which I don't seem to be able to get to go away even after deleting the game and I...
  17. K

    should scopes be more powerful in battle royal.

    While the scopes and sights range work well for team death match and kill confirmed small map game modes they seem very lacking in the battle royal map which is much bigger. An Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight "Acog" ranges between 1x to 6x in the real world and a sniper rifle can and sniper...
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    Call Of Duty: Camp Zone.

    Jump in to call of duty warzone battle royal, that is in no way a clone of fortnight, as a member of a military that can't afford to give you more then a pistol and partial armor since they spent their budget on gas that will eventually kill you, not a fortnight clone, Land and pillage and...
  19. K

    Warzone: Good but not great.

    I was glad to see multiplayer over the weekend so the younger players in the house could play, as well of my fondness of more fast paced play which warzone does not offer only to find out it was a poor attempt at self promotion. If you want people to buy modern warfare just one weekend of...