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    Hackers in Warzone ((

    oh well. Habits don’t change. Real skills versus hacking skills.
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    Hackers in Warzone ((

    Super pissed. Rare for 4 of my friends and I log on together and play quads. And a sniper on top of far ass building sniping us on the top hills and killing all of us w 100% accuracy and inside building. And aiming through trees. So wack.
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    Hackers in Warzone ((

    First hacker tonight I came across since a week. Still hackers!!! Guy aim bot sniper killed all my friends and I. Shooting like a laser beam and killing us inside shed buildings too. Kill us aiming through trees. Happen so fast I didn’t report him. But now I see for psn, R3 is to report. Super...
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    Avctivision bans 50,000 plus LOL

    Last month or so. It’s gotten really bad... I played all of the call of duties on PlayStation. Never experience such aim bot bullying in my life. Teams chasing u across the map w smg guns and head shooting u 100%. So bad we have to constantly run away when our team is dying. My brother got...
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    Hackers in Warzone ((

    Yes... I play on PS4. So it’s more often rare to experience such hacker. But last Thursday. A team of aim not hackers were hunting my whole team non stop and bullying. They headshot my brother twice full height in a helicopter twice....
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    Cold blood perk vs. double time perk

    For one of my 1st default custom load out. Im trying to think which perk would work best. For the second perk, ghost perk in my opinion is the trump card. More so than overkill. For the first perk, which default perk do guys think is the strongest in your opinion? I went like 2 days with the...