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    Anyone know what the '#' means in the After Action Report??

    OK First game of the day.. That # is at 42.. So I am stumped as to what it means.. On the plus side, I looked at my stats.. I am in the top 9% in Warzone/Plunder.. Woot! :D
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    Anyone know what the '#' means in the After Action Report??

    No worries.. :D Yea, I'll take a closer look at it today... Was hoping it was placement in the match.. But I actually got better as the day went on, not worse.. So, HOPEFULLY that is not it.. :D
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    Anyone know what the '#' means in the After Action Report??

    Thanx for the reply.. It's not a button to push.. Just informational, I spose.. Based on it's behavior over the last few games, I think it's a count of how many games you played on the given day.. Although it's not reliable (what IS in Warzone, eh?? :D) it does seem to count up one after each...
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    Anyone know what the '#' means in the After Action Report??

    I always thought the marked number showed your level.. But it was always one or two off from my actual level.. Usually lower.. Then I thought it might be the place you ended up in at the end of the match.. But in the match after I took that screen shot, I was one of the "Top Earners" right...
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    Idle Kick Pissing Me Off!

    And, since I am on a tear and getting a load off my chest.. :D Anyone else pissed off by the idle kick?? I am being hunted... I set up a sweet ambush and wait.. I check the HB religiously.. And, then right before I spring my awesomely laid trap....???? The frakin' idle timer kicks me...
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    COD Warzone pre-game lobby count down, if you back out, does it count as a loss?

    When you enter the actual match itself, and I'm talking about the pre-Warzone match itself. When you go, like go into the actual pre-game lobby, where you get to kill people - and you back out. Yes. You lose the points that you accrued during that pre-game match. And yes, your stats count. So...
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    Cold War Zombies Free Week

    Is there a download link for the Free Zombie week?? I hate to spend the first day having to download the game...
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    Shooting Parachuting Players. Morally Acceptable??

    Is it just me or does anyone else have a moral objection to shooting players as they parachute in?? Yea, I know, I know.. It's just a game... But there are also "games" out there that allow you to simulate killing cops.. There are "games" out there that allow you to simulate raping girls...
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    Server Maintenance

    Is anyone else getting kicked and queued for "Server Maintenance"?? 1700hrs EST
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    Black Ops 4 {Warning: Triggering Content} :D

    That's BO4.. Black Ops 4.. Has President Reagan as the briefer... View: https://youtu.be/WRuamOtfT-w OK I see my mistake.. I thought BO4 was BO COLD WAR... DOH!!!
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    Go away little kidlywinks!!!

    I know.. :D That's why I smiled ..
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    Black Ops 4 {Warning: Triggering Content} :D

    He is... :D He was a figure in politics since the 50s when his acting career began... The 80s brought him to his culmination.. The most powerful man on the planet... "The Three Most Powerful Men On The Planet The President Of The United States The Leader Of The Soviet Union The Captain Of...
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    Prohibited Profanity??

    "strike"??? Too violent.. Yes, the irony doesn't escape me.. In the mind of an SJW, "strike"connotes domestic abuse.. It's just a guess.. But political correctness knows no depths of stupidity...
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    Go away little kidlywinks!!!

    Thanx... I think... :D
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    Go away little kidlywinks!!!

    I got abs!! I got HUGE abs!! Oh, no wait.. That's my stomach.. Never mind.... :D
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    Prohibited Profanity??

    I am guessing "Black" is the 'offensive' word.. Yea, don't ask me why.. Every since IW embraced BLM, things have been wonko in MW land...
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    Black Ops 4 {Warning: Triggering Content} :D

    I had decided not to purchase BO4. Then I read an article how it included Saint Ronald Reagan as the briefer and I just HAD to change my mind.. :D I served in the US Military (LEO, SPI, AFOSI) overseas (PACAF 313th Air Division) during the Reagan years.. BO4 will be like coming home again.. :D
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    In The IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM Department

    If I were to buy a console (PS4/XBOX 1) and hook up a mouse/kb would I get Aim Assist???
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    PC vs Console

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mjz6j_CUzA "PC MASTER RACE, Bitch" :D