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  1. Skunkopath

    Warzone - Des Momentos

    Yo, hope your doing fine ;) Started doing all kinds of episodes in Warzone. If you have a clip and want to be featured in the next episode, simply submit it to me. You can contact me on fb or tw :cool: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsNhCxbH-u4
  2. Skunkopath

    Low fps despite system spec ?

    You are playing on destop or laptop?
  3. Skunkopath

    Any Advice On Getting My First Win?

    First find a squad and a good mic connection. Just talking team strategy helps a lot. Use the sensor on the M4 to see campers in houses. In the finale rings, play more defensive than less aggressive, because you will get for sure 3rd partied
  4. Skunkopath

    How to FIX Cod Warzone CPU 100% - Crashing after 2 mins

    How to fix your Cod Warzone, if your Cpu is at 100% usage? I had this problem for over a week and I still see other players have it. After 2min of ingame, you crash to desktop without an eeror. For me, this method worked & the game is again playable. 1. Run the game as admin 2. Use...