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    Concerns for the future of CoD

    The real cod has been dead for a long time now. It will never come back because there is alot of money too make on skins and camos. It seems that people like too look good when the enemy give them the knife:)
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    Low FPS, stuttering no matter what setting

    I have framedrops too in cold war. But in MW its fine, so mayby its just the game.
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    Where are all the pcplayers?

    In the most games there are 2 or 3 at most. thats depressing
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    Call Of Duty 2021 WWII: Vanguard

    YES......back too the roots woohoo
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    The NERVE Of Treyarch!!

    jInaj the only word i know in klingon
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    COD Cold War ) Opinie

    i think his keyboard is broken
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    When are they going to buff and nerf weapons?

    Yeah they have too nerf all the weapon exept mine huh huh
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    Cheat why do it ?

    Mayby we should go back too the old days like cod4 where we could those a server or make one. The game is from 2009 i think and still running strong. And from then on it went down hill, and when we thought it could not get worse...then came crossplay with aimassist. Pc cheaters has always been...
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    Cheat why do it ?

    Mayby some people realise that they are not good at gaming. So they buy some help to feel better. I dont think that they se themselves as cheaters. Its pathetic i know, but it will never stop before we get some serious anticheat measures
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    All of you suck.

    STOP COMPLAINING. We all did pay for the game, so let people play it their way. Please stop that if you dont play it my way i start crying attitude
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    LMAO, what a dreamer
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    It seems consoleplayers have no humor lol
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mjz6j_CUzA LMAO
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    Cut the crap, PC and console dont belong together. They never have and they never will
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    PC vs Console

    Best video ever LMAO. I like too be called master race:)
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    Controller Aim Assist

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT8mhtirAHQ
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    Controller Aim Assist

    About pcplayers are cheaters, yes there are problems but alot of them (morons) get banned. What you are saying is that the holy consolecommuity is white as snow. My information i have from consoleplayers that like get a little help winning games
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    Controller Aim Assist

    Thats not true and you know it Cronus zen is very popular amongst console players, in the pcworld we call that cheating. Mayby we should call aimassist for aimbotassist
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    microsoft pc

    You cant play against pcplayers because there isent anybody there. This game is made consoles only