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    The Apocalypse is PATHETIC AND UNPLAYABLE!

    Depending on what mode you play I agree. There is a lot of that wether you are sites up around a corner or not. The map gets old kind of fast I noticed. Not sure how strict the rules are here I'm new so bare with me would ya. Another thing I have noticed in this game is ( Eye Ball Pain )...
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    In the rare couple PC matches I have found it is pretty ez to see the difference between Console & PC is actually huge. It is the elephant in the room I didn't care about before because MW seemed to make it work really, really well eventually. In Cold War SBMM turns crossplay into a pro league...
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    Black Ops Cold War gets new Zombies experience called Outbreak

    52GB ?????? This says Feb 25th. I am currently getting a metric ton of an update and wondering what on earth it all entails?
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    Moving to PC, Advise please

    I understand the question but I don't think I understand who your target audience is. Me personally my budget only includes GPU and CPU with a possible upgrade to monitor. Everything else is worth holding onto for my needs for a while. Ryzen 7 3800X. MSI RTX 2060 Gaming. Asus 1080P 144HZ...
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    Free Bundle??

    This also started for me but only after accepting free cod account reward via email claim. Now I see free bundle every other login with no bundle available. Least of my issues with this game and not a big deal, figured i'd chime in.