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  1. Carlos

    Season Three Gameplay Trailer released

    Activision released a new gameplay trailer to their official YouTube channel to reveal "Verdansk '84" which is coming to Warzone as part of their live events - in which part 1 has concluded, part 2 begins this afternoon. If you have Modern Warfare, you should already be prompted to download part...
  2. Carlos

    Season Three Hype Trailer released

    After weeks of rumors, leaks, speculation, Activision released a new trailer to the official YouTube channel titled "Squad up the World," which features plenty of cameos like Nadeshot of 100 Thieves. The trailer highlights some of Season Three's locations, and hypes up Season Three... View...
  3. Carlos

    Warzone Live event Part 1 is released

    Rotated out for now, I guess...
  4. Carlos

    New sound in search and destroy

    Constructively tell them to add the addition on Twitter.
  5. Carlos

    ***** SPOILER**** Verdansk Is Toast

    Ok, nice cheeky reaction there, man. lol
  6. Carlos

    ***** SPOILER**** Verdansk Is Toast

    Is that you, in the video? Playing?
  7. Carlos

    ***** SPOILER**** Verdansk Is Toast

    My PS4 console is toast thanks to Alabama's frequent storms.
  8. Carlos

    ***** SPOILER**** Verdansk Is Toast

    Is that live? Is there a video of it?
  9. Carlos

    Kill cam inaccuracies

    Ok, thanks for clarifying the comment.
  10. Carlos

    Kill cam inaccuracies

    Fixed for you. :)
  11. Carlos

    Kill cam inaccuracies

    I never accused you of lag, I meant someone else. Look at the 2nd video... The streamer was playing as normal, along comes loser "polly."
  12. Carlos

    Kill cam inaccuracies

    In that case, then... the other person was lagging (in most cases, the cheating kind.) I'm not addressing you. I'm just sayin' for the OP's info. Here is a lagswitch in action for your information, OP... View: https://youtu.be/Ine-ludNqpU I know its an old game, but you have to remember THE...
  13. Carlos

    Concerns for the future of CoD

    I completely agree. Modern Warfare (2019) is the first step into the next gen first person shooter market. It seems like Infinity Ward wants 2019's Modern Warfare to become the norm for fps titles going forward. They got close enough to staying similar to CoD4, with one arm sticking out, and...
  14. Carlos

    Should I have reported this guy

    I would. Especially if it offended you. Sometimes I just brush feelings off to the side, but I cannot respect someone being racist. I don't care what happened or why.
  15. Carlos

    PSA: PC Players playing Zombies on high rounds warning

    I know there are some PC players on CoDForums and some that play zombies. This thread is a Public Service Announcement (PSA). What's happening is Black Ops Cold War PC players are playing through high rounds and getting banned for (allegedly) no reason... View: https://youtu.be/mdHh0kZWtoI
  16. Carlos

    Multi Come join (APD) Automatic Panty Droppers.

    Alright. I'm done with this shit. You've officially pissed me off.
  17. Carlos

    Multi Come join (APD) Automatic Panty Droppers.

    You contradicted yourself here. Well, here is my receipts... And... Yes, you're right ...I should provide customer service, but YOU were being sarcastic both times. Don't sit there and lie, because I just embarrassed you. I have rules. I stick with them. Sometimes I go outside the rules to...
  18. Carlos

    Dev Error 6034

    It's true - you need the Data Packs, or the UI will have some blocks. I tried to see the operators' screen without the Data Pack(s) 1 & 2.
  19. Carlos

    Multi Come join (APD) Automatic Panty Droppers.

    Try reporting your own post again. I'll just ban the account. How's that for "bullying"? In this category THERE IS a sticky that takes you to the clan rules. There's even a link in the footer. You really have no excuse, really. Just read the Clan Rules, and learn them. Just. THAT. simple. It's...
  20. Carlos

    After Latest Update, Switch Over Is More Reliable

    Yup. Activision owns Treyarch, but there are other devs helping with BOCW.