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    Un****ingbelievable.....they changed Zombies reward levels for Die Maschina. Instead of getting 1 Flawless at level 20 you get 0......this game can go **** itself.
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    Do the right thing

    Dude, I already talked to Sony. They can issue a refund. Had I not paid for a season pass I would have opted for the refund. You have to talk to HARDWARE SUPPORT not REFUND. Refund will just quote a policy to you that is complete BS.
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    im sick and tired of this BS

    If they can fix glitches, they can fix the other issues as well.
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    Do the right thing

    PlayStation will 100% refund your purchase, per their hardware support. You simply need the error code, which is CE-108255-1. COD and NBA 2K21 are the most heavily error reported games on the PlayStation platform.
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    Do the right thing

    This game is 100% unplayable with others on Zombies. Everyone who purchased Cold War should be issued a minimum 50% refund AND get to keep the game. I will never purchase another Trasharch or Craptivision game.
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    Unplayable Multiplayer on PS

    Complete trash game. You can’t get into any zombies multiplayer games without a crash. For those on PS, call PS Hardware Customer Service and you can get a refund. Back to MW.
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    PS5 crashing issues

    My game crashes on a regular basis resulting in all progress being lost. The error code is CE-108255-1 I found a work around to this being to disable cloud storage, BUT in doing this the game periodically resets progress. Why is this an issue? I have talked to Sony without any solution being...