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    Aim Down Sights question

    If you play warzone with mouse And use this settings : Aim Down Sights(ADS)sensitivity- “relative” ADS sens multiple(low zoom) - 1.0 Do you have any change on sensitivity when you Aim Down Sight ?
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    Help! Aim Down Sights (ADS) sensitivity

    Hi, Use xbox series x & mouse My settings is : Aim Down Sights (ADS) sensitivity Use *relative* and 1.0 sensitivity - on low ADS sensitivity. on the last few days i feels like i don’t have any change between the hip fire (non zoom) sensitivity and between Low Zoom ADS (low zoom)...
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    Aim down sights sensitivity problem

    Hi, Since two weeks i have problem with my ads sensitivity. When i ads the sensitivity doesn’t changed. I checked the legacy/relative - the same as was before. Checked my ingame sens’ - the same. Checked mouse dpi and all my setting are the same. What can be the problem? Use xbox series x & mouse.
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    Xbox mouse sensitivity suddenly changed

    Use mouse & keyboard on xbox series x. On the last few days (maybe one week ago) my mouse acceleration/dpi/sensetivity randomly changed and become faster&wird. Way more speed. My mouse is on the same dpi & settings. Also my in-game sensitivity stay as usual. On the first day that the...
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    LG OLED CX setting for warzone - Hgig or dynamic tone mapping

    hi :) i use LG oled tv cx 65 and PS4. wich setting is the best ? Hgig or dynamic tone mapping :confused: