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    Lagging / Lost Connection

    All of a sudden my zombies graphics are screwed up. Zombies are all black. The dogs are look like prisms n shit. Been this way since the 6th didn't they do some update?
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    This game is horrendous

    I'm just glad to hear I'm not the only one. Been shot through a wall many times. The best is when I unload on someone and the game lags and the dude is just gone. Still alive but kept on running while my screen is showing me he's standing there getting shot. Zombies you're lucky if you make...
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    Lagging / Lost Connection

    My NAT type is Open and my Connection last time I checked the other night was 2044kbps. I was playing Zombies the other night and there was so much carnage happening the sound cut out. Never came back. Played another 2-3 rounds like that before I had to completely reboot. That happens...
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    Lagging / Lost Connection

    Playing on PS4. I'll have to check some things when I get home from work. I've always wondered what that NAT shit was on the bottom corner. I have the 100mb service through Spectrum (I know I don't get anywhere near those speeds) but I never have issues with other games or streaming. Using...
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    All of you suck.

    First time on here. Haven't been a gamer for years and finally started again. Absolutely hooked on CW right now. Yes, there's shit that bothers me. I'm not even that good, but oh well. That guy's comment was the biggest cry-fest I've ever read. If those players suck so bad they gotta hide...
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    Lagging / Lost Connection

    My multiplayer constantly lags. I'll be straight on with someone and start shooting and after what feels like 5 seconds he's gone (not dead). Game just skips like crazy! Also, I'll get started in a game and it's already like 25-20. Is this kinda stuff common with everyone else or is there...