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  1. AntiCheatAgent94

    Prison Looks Different..

    Prison looks different from MW2 :D
  2. AntiCheatAgent94

    Trophy System Stopped C4 But Not Heat Seeker Missile

    Had something weird happen.. As I am wont to do, I flew a helicopter to my favorite hangout, the Prison.. I put a C4 charge in my chopper at the top of the quad tower and another in the chopper in the courtyard heli-pad.. I then went about my business looting the Prison.. I got a warning...
  3. AntiCheatAgent94


    Maybe I should change my Gamer Tag to CASTIEL :D View: https://youtu.be/GNb_mcfuOrs
  4. AntiCheatAgent94


    And here I thought this post was a "Bat Signal" for me to swoop in and save the day! :D heh
  5. AntiCheatAgent94


    Yea, I'll post a video of it later today.. It's weird. It looks like an ethereal light effect from SUPERNATURAL.. :D
  6. AntiCheatAgent94

    24GB vs 32GB Memory

    ASUS P9X79 PRO It's an older one but gets the job done.. :D
  7. AntiCheatAgent94


    Anyone have a bright floodlight on the Lobby Screen in Warzone??? Am I an angel???
  8. AntiCheatAgent94

    24GB vs 32GB Memory

    Thanx for all the info.. Most of it went right over my head.. :D Here is what I have.. Here is what I am adding.. And here is for comic relief...
  9. AntiCheatAgent94

    24GB vs 32GB Memory

    Will up'ing my memory from 24GB to 32GB have any appreciable effect on my COD game play??
  10. AntiCheatAgent94

    New police tech being used IRL

    Imagine the interrogations you can do with full on Holodeck technology!!?? :D
  11. AntiCheatAgent94

    Text Macros

    Is there a way to set a key to send a TEXT Macro in text chat???
  12. AntiCheatAgent94

    Gone And Did Something Stoopid

    Welp, the install is done.. Seems to be working OK... I"ll know more when I get home.. If I had to do that install at home, it would have taken me 4 days! :D
  13. AntiCheatAgent94

    Please PLEASE For The Love Of The Gods!!

    It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't keep cropping up every other round... GGRRRRR
  14. AntiCheatAgent94

    Download Speeds.

    So, as mentioned in a previous comment, I am downloading and reinstalling my Warzone/Modern Warfare game.. Thru BattleNet, I am getting like 11MBs download speeds... On my work workstation, which is a lesser computer (Core i5 vs Core i7 on my home/gamer) I was downloading something thru the...
  15. AntiCheatAgent94

    Graphic card Geforce 3090 RTX Trinity Oc 24GB GDDR6X BUY IT NOW $325

    I had to laugh when I read the listing... https://www.ebay.com/itm/234096507299?hash=item36813d39a3%3Ag%3A7-UAAOSwv95g
  16. AntiCheatAgent94

    Gone And Did Something Stoopid

    Went ahead and did an uninstall and re-install.. Apparently, my work 'Net connection isn't as fast as I thought.. A 200GB install is gonna take about 4 hours.. Live and learn....
  17. AntiCheatAgent94

    Gone And Did Something Stoopid

    Very interesting.. I went ahead and did the LOCATE process for Black Ops Cold War... It update for a second or two and then gave me the PLAY prompt.. Apparently, it worked flawlessly... I am at a loss to understand why Modern Warfare is giving me grief...
  18. AntiCheatAgent94

    Gone And Did Something Stoopid

    For some reason my BOCW install is in my E:\WarZone\Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War directory... Wierd... Anyways, I uninstalled BattleNet and re-installed... It went thru the same UPDATE/SCANNING FILES process and then gave me the same error... :( I did bring my rig into my work so if I...
  19. AntiCheatAgent94

    Gone And Did Something Stoopid

    I'll give that a shot.. Thanx.. Another question.. Where are the Black Ops Cold War files located?? In the Modern Warfare dir??
  20. AntiCheatAgent94

    Gone And Did Something Stoopid

    I got ahold of a 500GB SSD drive.. I thought I would copy over all my COD games to the drive for faster access and (maybe) faster game play... I copied over the BATTLENET, CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE and WARZONE directories to the 500GB and adjusted the Drive Letter accordingly.. I rebooted...