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    Problems in warzone

    I've had it multiple times and it will always resolve itself either within a few minutes or when I drop into the next game.
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    Vanguard Alpha just played

    I think it was PS4 only. And I agree the sound was lacking.
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    Going Further Back In Time??

    I suspect there will be an event that takes Warzone back to the 40's.
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    Plunder: WTF

    I've had a lot of kills not adding to my total since the last update.
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    Call Of Duty 2021 WWII: Vanguard

    I'm the opposite. My interest in WWII is what brought me to these games. Started with the original Medal of Honor on PS1.
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    You KNOW You Have Been Playing Warzone Too Much When....

    I was off work for 5 weeks when the lockdowns for covid started, at the end of March when Warzone was released. I played countless hours of Plunder during that time. The first time I was back out and on my way to work again I was eyeing up buildings to loot as I passed them.
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    MAC 10

    It's unlocked for free at Battle Pass level 15.
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    can't unlock the grau 5.56 please help

    You could unlock it in a couple hours if Shipment 24/7 comes back.
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    Cold War Season One

    I played 2.5 games of Domination last night and went back to Modern Warfare. I'll play again before the free week is over but I don't think I'll pay for the game. I know I'm used to Modern Warfare, but Cold War doesn't feel right.
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    Cold War Season One

    I downloaded it last night but haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I did check this morning and it appears to be letting me into all multiplayer stuff. It may have been restricting you to bot matches because there was still a download or install in progress, it took me like 4 hours to...
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    Cold War Season One

    They're doing a free week of multiplayer, download it and check it out.
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    Sitting still for thirty seconds ISN'T INACTIVITY

    It needs to be based on controller input, if you're still pressing buttons then you're still active. I've been booted many times while still actively aiming and shooting.
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    the mp5/smg.

    I've settled on the MP7.
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    Adding Extra XP

    I didn't know you could stack XP tokens on top of the 2x XP. I have some tokens I need to use up this weekend then!
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    Has Aim Assist Been Tweaked Downward??

    Disabled, Standard, Precision, and Focusing.
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    Has Aim Assist Been Tweaked Downward??

    I'm doing as poorly as ever, if not worse! I'm on PS4 and I've tried all the different aim assist options and I don't really feel a difference nor do any of the settings seem to make me any better.
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    One Shot Kills

    Nope :(
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    One Shot Kills

    I wiped a whole team in Plunder a couple weeks ago with well placed C4 which I threw from the ground to the roof of the fire house at the airport, as they were firing down on me. A Youtube worthy moment...I was proud of myself!
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    Stats Tracker for individuals?

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    What is that weapon

    Looks like a Grau with Archangel barrel, monotlithic suppressor and ranger foregrip.