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  1. PeterPan1

    Multiplayer issue

    Delete and reinstall the whole game?
  2. PeterPan1

    Poor balance of weapons

    Waiting for the big hitman handgun... otherwise totally agree... but what else would you use? I havent gotten used to overkill being overused
  3. PeterPan1

    Please PLEASE For The Love Of The Gods!!

    Or them maps, cant think of the names. The one with the „plaza“... the one where in the middle there is this square you can go in from all sides, with bushes and walls for headglitching, dont like that one. And the one where the tram „runs“ through. I got to like the Petrov map (...again...
  4. PeterPan1

    Is FMJ a must have perk?

    I was wondering that back in mw2. However I think the damage only affects vehicles and shooting through walls (allthough not sure if it does that in mw2019... as it doesnt feel like shooting through walls does more damage than without.)
  5. PeterPan1

    Pls help this newcomer

    Partially resolved :rolleyes: Pressing R3 in loadouts marks everything as seen. As to the other thing: Picking up weapons in game unlocks attachments for locked weapons^^
  6. PeterPan1

    Question about COD League

    They are not from what experienced. ;)
  7. PeterPan1

    Video evidence of player cheating.

    I‘d like a real in-game bounty hunter approach. CoD society - sign me up for bounty hunter ;D
  8. PeterPan1

    Video evidence of player cheating.

    This should be out of question. ^^
  9. PeterPan1

    What’yall reading at?

    Good early afternoon everybody. Excuse the sacrifice of grammatical correctness in the title for a boondocks reference. I was hoping to find some fellow readers or establish some. Feeling good right now. I haven’t really read since about a year ago. I finished with 1984, which I really had to...
  10. PeterPan1

    PSN My psn I'd is: Dawn-Of-Faith-98

    What are you playing? (:
  11. PeterPan1

    Aim Assist seriously needs a Nerf.

    I‘ve experienced aim assist even when I don‘t know people are there. So I go - ah there is somebody - and then go look for them^^ kinda crazy
  12. PeterPan1

    OK This Is Not Going To Be Popular....

    woaw, I figured there was like one or so of them ^^ in my perspective the problem is jumping on those marketing trains alltogether. Thus capitalism.
  13. PeterPan1

    Hackers in Modern Warfare

    I dont get what the pictures say
  14. PeterPan1

    PSN Looking for a team of comrades

    I‘m in Austria, or technically Germany
  15. PeterPan1

    PSN Looking for a team of comrades

    Good evening Sir, I have to inform you that I am currently not local to any of the, in the basic requirements, listed countries. Should you still wish my service, I will prove loyal to the the unit. In any case, I thank you for your invitation. I remain respectfully yours PeterPan1
  16. PeterPan1

    PSN Looking for a team of comrades

    Greetings, I recently started playing mw2019 on ps4 again. I‘d love to play in a team tho. I mostly work „defensive“, like securing an area or flanking the enemy. Rn primarily on tdm. I‘d like some s&d however! Haven‘t checked out the other mw modes yet. Warzone is not for me I guess. Hope to...
  17. PeterPan1

    Call of dutty

    English-do you speak it?
  18. PeterPan1

    How does playing with my friends from US servers can affect the experience of I’m on EU?

    Why dont you try using a vpn and play us servers again?