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    Is FMJ a must have perk?

    I found a video with proper analysis of FMJ, and it seems that's a useless perk! It DOES NOT increase your general damage! It decreases the amount of damage you lose when shooting through something. So it is only helpful in rare occasions when you are hitting an enemy behind a wall for example...
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    Poor balance of weapons

    By all means, you could use a shield to live longer or launchers to unlock their camo. Launchers take the longest to unlock.
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    Is FMJ a must have perk?

    FMJ is one of the very few perks that directly affect damage, so it seems like a natural choice to pick it for any weapon that does not deliver a single shot kill anyway. Or is it? Curious to hear your opinions.
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    Reticle issue

    You are all correct, guys. It happened after the last big update. Let's wait for another where they will hopefully sort it.
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    Please PLEASE For The Love Of The Gods!!

    hahaha, good one! I also do not like this map big time.
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    Poor balance of weapons

    I am stating the obvious but I am sure it will increase playability if some weapons are boosted. Otherwise, who in the right mind would play with a pistol?? It is so underpowered. I used it for a little bit to unlock some stuff and it sucks big time!
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    Camper Whiners...

    In real warfare snipers pretty much lie and wait, so how you can expect snipers not to camp? It's boring, yes, but that's how the sniping works. I am getting killed a lot when running around with my crossbow, but that's the reality of it. If you want everyone to run at you guns ablaze, shipment...
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    Update that reinstalls the game?

    To the devs: For a large company that has such a huge budget these bulky updates that pretty much reinstall the entire game are not professional. Look around, other game developers have learned a while back how to optimise the installations. Not only your game is the largest ever on my HD...
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    What do these icons mean in Daily Challenges?

    So, if I accomplish that quest, then addition to XP I will be getting something else? Like some gear?