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    First Thoughts On Vanguard

    i notice on the vanguard multiplayer part it also has cold war, warzone, cod remaster, it's like that's the multiplayer for each of those games, i haven't tried then as it will probably require a large update for each first lol i don't think you need the discs for each game, it should be...
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    days gone

    have you tried day's gone? i think it's ok but feels like it's never ending lol i'm at where you meet sarah at a camp and you do many missions for people, there's so much to do and i'm sure someone said a good 50 hours to finish game without doing much extra thing's. it does get very repetitive...
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    First Thoughts On Vanguard

    it was like 5 to 6 hrs ish for campaign, i was playing on normal difficulty.
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    First Thoughts On Vanguard

    i finished the campaign earlier, i think 6 out of 10, i liked the lady nightingale parts but most of the game felt like playing battlefield where you do all sorts and i really miss world at war now, that game was good and even cod 2 big red one and number 3. to me vanguard felt a bit off.
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    First Thoughts On Vanguard

    i had to do lot's of separate updates, the campaign was locked and later on there were short 2gb updates, i can imagine that's to fix any multiplayer issues, the campaign is ok but i struggled abit on tonga level where you start with no weapons, took a few tries at the start. multiplayer is ok...
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    WTF is Server Snapshot Error

    i had that error and your back at the menu again, also i played on the team deathmatch with large maps and like 37 player's and at the end at the results my ps4 just froze and i had to pull plug and wait a while and start up ps4 again, i got a funny feeling more updates to come, i've already...
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    Battlefield and Medal of Honor rankings and thoughts

    did anyone try battlefield V, i did the stories and i thought i'd have a quick go on multiplayer normal team deathmatch, it feels harder than call of duty and it's like you can't really spot the enemies as well and it's not worth running around lol you have to be extra careful as there's many...
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    rainbow 6 vegas 2 unknown map

    i think that's to do with server shutdown 1st of june, there was an announcement but people seem to still be playing it multiplayer recently. there's another thing that i saw is where if your psn account is newer say after 2019 that it affects lot's of games, especially some of the call of duty...
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    have you ever been deranked

    i did see some trailer footage of vanguard, the detail is really good and like with ww2 the cutscenes look almost real movie like. i was playing ww2 earlier multiplayer and saw few players at lv.1000, i kept thinking that must of taken year's to gain, i'm only lv.42 at the moment. i really like...
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    have you ever been deranked

    yeah i got ps4, i play the ww2 game. quite alot my friends still play some call of duty games on the ps3 but it's like full of cheaters as i discovered the other day. it's like there's nothing you can do about it. i really like world at war, that's a favourite of mine.
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    have you ever been deranked

    hi on the ps3 call of duty world at war, i was playing in a public team deathmatch then on the next game it said at the bottom welcome to the mod elite and the host didn't take any damage and gets high number of kills and about half way through it said you have been deranked hahaha, i never seen...
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    cod remaster update question

    hi there, i think i saw it was requiring over 100gb update before you can play call of duty mordern warfare remaster ps4. can you skip the update? i just wanted to play campaign offline. the call of duty ww2 wasn't so bad at 35gb update but 100+ update is like no way on mobile hotspot with...