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clan recruiting

  1. V

    Multi Clan Toxicity

    I'm looking for members who want to join my newly founded clan TOXICITY we're looking for people who have a passion for gaming.We accept everyone from all walks of life. Requirements: Mic Discord 16+ Add my discord if your interested in joining VAP0R33#4411 https://discord.gg/mGcN7KTE
  2. C

    Multi Task Force Alpha is recruiting!

    Task Force Alpha is recruiting! We are a 140+ Member strong Clan. TFA has 2 Battalions: Dagger Battalion (contains Alpha Company which is our Casual Multiplayer Company, also contains Charlie Platoon which is our Competitive Multiplayer Platoon) Razor Battalion (contains Delta Company which is...
  3. TeamHooligan

    Multi Team Hooligan (HLGN) | eSports Organization

    Team Hooligan is a recently established multi-title esports organization with a mission to provide a safe, fun, and relaxed environment for all members looking to just enjoy themselves. The ultimate goal of Team Hooligan is to not only to provide a safe environment but a place for our members to...
  4. T

    Mobile Uk Kent clan Looking for active players for clan battles

    Looking to boost numbers up we are a group of friends that play in the evening mostly message me if interested
  5. Logan Walker

    Xbox Live Ever thought of a Military like cod Ghosts clan?

    Have you ever thought of A military like COD Ghosts clan? I have. And I personally Invite you to it. Also, My username is: Alex Mason#3305980 Training for the ghost team will last until April 16th, 2022. Please tell me what role you want and what team by DMing me on Xbox. About the ghosts: We...
  6. M

    Multi clan

    looking for a clan sweaty warzone and mordren warfare player. 2+kd 20 years old
  7. R

    Multi [RDX] Redux Reloaded - Casual Clan looking for members

    Redux Revolution is a newly established mature (18+) gaming organisation. Our aim is to provide a supportive and inclusive casual community, where everyone is welcome, as well as to eventually break into the competitive scene. We thrive on friendly banter between members, but have zero-tolerance...
  8. b_natter

    Mobile Suicide Charley Clan Recruitment

    Suicide Charley is recruiting. We are a clan in COD Mobile, and we just move up to level 4. We have 30 members right now, so we're looking for new players. We are a laid back clan with active players, however I will drop players if they don't play at least once a week or don't contribute points...
  9. T

    Multi !!!!!!

  10. Swoogo

    Xbox Live LF cod mw Xbox clan to join

    Hello my username is Swoogo, am I 16 and I started playing modern warfare once the whole covid 19 stuff started. I do have lots of experience with cod in the past and I am a all around good player at the game. I play warzone and multiplayer, I will be happy with what ever clan I join, I am also...
  11. S

    Multi 5W|FT Gaming is recruiting!

    5WIFT Gaming is looking for new players to join our fast growing MW only clan. We have around 70 members which all play different game types being played. If you like WZ, Core or Hard Core and you enjoy being part of an awesome regiment then please reach out either by Discord DM: Stinky...
  12. D

    Multi Clan Recruitments (BONIR Clan)

    Hey everyone, My name's Dylan and we're looking for more recruits to want to tryout for our clan. We're laid back and like to have a good time. We're college kids home on break. But we know when to turn it up. We're all pretty skilled guys, but we just want to have fun while also taking...
  13. KingVibez

    PSN Starting new YouTube Gaming Clan

    Hello everybody, I am starting a new clan called Royalty and I am starting to recruit for it. We are going to be making monthly team-tages and posting videos as a clan. I am recruiting trick shotters mainly but not explicitly. I am looking for players who play any call of duty game but mainly...
  14. I

    Multi Platinum Gaming is now recruiting! Trying to Rebuild our community worldwide!

    Our organization is now recruiting! We were once a worldwide community with over 250+ members back in bo3. We didn't really Play much in infinite warfare but we are back! REQUIREMENTS -MUST BE AT LEAST 16 -MUST HAVE SOME SORT OF COMMUNICATION -BE MATURE -HAVE AT LEAST A 1.15 KDR -MIC IS NOT...
  15. BoLt Overkill

    Xbox Live Recruiting For BoLt Clan

    Hello, Call of Duty forums member! With no further introduction, I am an Xbox One, US clan leader. We currently have only 2 members, I am one of them. I am looking to grow. I know I will never be as large as Faze, but I was reaching for 15+ members, and maybe go upon that if I can run a team...
  16. D

    PSN Looking for ww2 ps4 clan

    Im 18, mature, decent player. Have a mic. Looking for a ps4 clan i play pretty much any game mode. Also my ps4 username is DWalsh063
  17. P

    Xbox Live Inglorious Bastards Recruiting!

    hello everyone!! The Inglorious Bastards are looking for members for a special squad... we will be doing one thing and one thing only... killing nazi’s ;p we do Zombies and multiplayer first 3 members will become officers. Download and join our band page! http://band.us/n/aaafvczcR2O8q
  18. R

    PSN ReAcTxGaming Recruiting

    I'm recruiting for the upcoming call of duty try to get my clans name out there we currently have some pretty good members but I'm looking to add more talent and move the weaker players out. My goal is to be some a house hold name in eSports with the new setup it's easier than ever and with the...
  19. G

    Multi Galactic Order & GRM Gaming

    My name is Elder Sean and I am the owner and founder of the Galactic Order & GRM Gaming. We are a social gaming organization based on the teachings of the Jedi Order. We date back to 2004 on the game Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. Our Mission Statement is: The mission of the Galactic Order...
  20. B

    Xbox Live Clan -ToTheStars- Is Recruiting

    Whats up everyone, I'm currently recruiting for a new clan -To The Stars- for Infinte Warefare on the Xbox One. You can find our application on our website HERE. We're looking for mature and serious gamers so please have a working mic, and we ask you be at least 17+ when joining but we can...