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modern warefare

  1. M

    50+ GB Update!? What's New?

    Saw an insanely huge update for both Cold War and Warzone. CoD is notorious for adding/changing stuff in the game and not including it in the patch notes, so what have you guys noticed new so far, especially in Warzone?
  2. F

    wrongfully Banned!!!

    I have recently bought a expansive gaming PC, because I love playing Warzone. I've been playing on console all my life. I'm a decent play on Warzone. My K.D was a 1.79 when I made the big switch. My skill level got better with the upgrade to PC. in 3 months I got my K.D to a 1.95,lus more time...
  3. L

    Issues with Multiplayer split screen

    Hi, I’m having problems with multiplayer on split screen. When I play on one account it works. When I add 2 account on it finds a match, it starts the game then kicks us off and says error. I’ve tired it multiple time and it happens every time. I’ve tried resetting the PlayStation but it still...
  4. T

    PSN Looking for a competitive search and destroy team.

    Hey guys, First time on this forum and I'm not sure if I'm in the right place. I love search and destroy - its all I play, hardcore / core whatever I'm down for it. I'm looking for a clan to run with who together we could get some serious win streaks under our belts and eventually do some...
  5. Zorgmustkill

    Multi Dirty Grenadiers

    If your looking for a fun clan to play in and don't mind a group of parents with sailor mouths then Dirty Grenadiers is the clan for you. We game pretty much daily and are looking to build our clan. We are a bunch of old school players from modern wardaee 2 with a couple from the original call...
  6. G


    View: https://youtu.be/Cp3o16It9rg Subscribe for more guided videos