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modern warfare 2

  1. T

    MW2-Now Backwards Compatible!

    At long last, MW2 has finally become backwards compatible! The only thing that is left at this point is COD Classic. How much longer will that be?
  2. T

    MW2 In-Depth Review

    Other than the well-known (and well-worn) controversy surrounding the "No Russian" level, the release of Modern Warfare 2 in 2009 went quite smoothly, and the game was received rapturously. Infinity Ward was able to craft a new chapter in the MW storyline, and take it to new heights. Beyond the...
  3. T

    Family Guy-MW2 Scene

    At the end of one Family Guy episode, Peter Griffin tries his hand at MW2 multiplayer, and his stupidity angers the other players. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br9js5SJd0g
  4. T

    "No Russian" Revisited

    When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released in 2009, a great deal of scrutiny and controversy was stirred up by the level "No Russian", in which Army Ranger turned CIA-Deep Cover Operative PFC. Joseph Allen is made to participate in Vladimir Makarov's horrific massacre at a Moscow airport...
  5. A

    Multi Aces Reserve Recruiting

    Welcome to one of the threads posted on this specific website, our clan is looking for members, professional and casual. We do official GameBattle Matches slowly but surely rising to the top. Casual players can join is 15+ years of age and professionals can join 17+ years of age. DM us on our...
  6. InfaredScoper

    Multi My Top 5 Favorite/Recommended COD Games List

    Welcome! In this list, I will choose 5 games to list in order of best to worst and will give three reasons I liked the game and one thing they could have done better. 1. Modern Warfare 2 a. Great multiplayer! I really enjoy it, mostly safe of hackers. b. Next-gen graphics. Really revolutionary...
  7. AmazingGaming

    Call of Duty MW2 Spec Ops - Racing 3 Star

    Here is the video : View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_XOAUq6E6U
  8. ThatCristianGuy

    Xbox Live Selling Stimulus Pakage DLC for MW2 (Xbox 360)

    I got the Modern Warfare Trilogy for Xbox 360 on Black Friday and it came with a code for the Stimulus Package for Modern Warfare 2. I'm willing to sell it for $10 USD. It's brand new, not used, and $5 cheaper than the original Xbox Game Store price. PM me if you're interested. First come...
  9. N


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