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  1. P

    Warzone Help, i cant play like that

    Hi, I have the following problem: Since yesterday evening I have the error that I can no longer run to the left or right. No matter if or how I change the key assignment, it doesn't help. I've now checked 4 games to see if it works and it works perfectly everywhere. Now I'm asking this forum...
  2. Legacy

    Multi Your Legacy Awaits

    If your interested add my discord Imagine_ige We are a 18+ clan but we have just opened an 16 and over section for the academy side of legacy. The under 18s do not mix with over 18s if you’d like any more info, drop me a message on here or discord. I look forward to hearing from you. Legacy...
  3. Krunkz

    Multi The Veteran Lounge on Discord!

    A gaming community for Call of Duty and many others! We are Active Daily with voice channels being used also. We run DMZ / Warzone / MP / Ranked and customs. We have an amazing community of skilled players who want to achieve the goal of having a gaming community to play with and grow. Our...
  4. D

    Same weapon, but different stats. How?!

    Hello guys, Can someone please explain me why I have much lower stats for the same Winged Warrior rifle from Valkyrie bundle compared with other people's Winged Warrior? Same bundle, same items including the rifle. But mine is much weaker. Initially I bought the pack because I saw a few review...
  5. T

    Multi Team hbm

    I'm the leader of team hbm. we would love for y'all to check us out our gameplay and all. I'm always recruiting new people. check out www.hbmgaming.com show some love

    Multi ROMA New Clan Recruiting For COD! 21+ Years Old Need To Apply Only. (All experience levels welcome!)

    Hope you are having a good day! :) I am a COD veteran that has been looking for a mature, active group that is helpful with all the necessary tools to succeed in the game. After looking left and right for groups that have all the characteristics I need I decided my best opportunity was to...
  7. DJ DJD Raps

    Multi HCtdm Clan on MW2... join us!

    If you love to play hardcore mode and warzone time to time join us. We hate core unless we play warzone.... just search groups on MW2 for HCtdm and join our awesome clan! We play hardcore team deathmatch 90% of the time. Feel free to request friendship on activision or my Xbox gamertag...DJ...
  8. TBONE_1967TML


    As the title says … I play with a small clan called REjCTS, we can’t always get a full squad so I was looking to add to the roster. We are older, 40+, so it’s hard finding like-minded gamers that fit in. No offence to younger gamers, we are all here because we love gaming. But realistically...
  9. A

    PC New to the forum - looking for a clan

    I'm looking for a clan or just a group of chill people (preferably 18+) to play MW2 with. I play on PC and normally play quickplay and hardcore game modes on multiplayer (TDM, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed). I don't normally play Warzone but will if I need to. I prefer discord for...
  10. G

    Multi 12th Circle Gaming Recruitment

    Come join our server! We’re organized, have sponsors and just enjoy the hell out of gaming! We play all sorts and have a near 100 percent active community! Take part in our upcoming modern warfare event for a chance to win some cash! Just follow the link and begin the process...
  11. OhShadelogy

    Multi Belgian people for mw2 ranked and tournaments

    Hello guys! D-F-P is searching belgian or dutch people for our team, we need a solid 4th person to play ranked and tournaments! u must have discord and be 18+! Mic is also a must! We are very competive but having fun is more important! We also want someone who plays minimum 3 times a week...
  12. OhShadelogy

    Ranked MW2

    I came today back on the game and wanted to play ranked. i was silver rank and know suddenly im back at bronze with 0 sr?
  13. P

    low fps and sound glitch

    so i got this bug View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWP6ifdfcbU and this happens every match, also end match screen does not appear. I already reinstalled game and drivers for gpu (installed new drivers) and it still happens, i also did shaders optimization much times and it did not...
  14. S

    Mw2 Ranked SR

    Hey there, So I'm wondering about the ranked SR system. I get that the better you do the more SR you get. But why when I feel like I have the game of my life and go 33 and 12 with 2:38 on the hill for herself I get a whopping 70 SR. But I see these videos and other people telling me how they...
  15. S

    PC Looking for an active clan that does Competitive

    21 yo from the UK. I'm an above average player looking to play comp within the clan or outside. I run a SMG and available almost everyday. Discord: Siam#0774
  16. X

    Multi Recruiting New Active Members

    Looking to join a clan? We are new chilled fun growing clan! We don't demand and demand from you, we just want you to have fun and make friends :) we all play a good variety too but if you do want a bit of a challenge we play 1v1 and s&d etc :) if anyone has any questions or may be interested in...
  17. D

    Warzone 2.0 Nuke/Camo boost (No multiplayer needed) fast delivery, high efficiency

    Do you want to get any camouflage, skin, victories or just level up your player, battlepass and weapon level, but are you always feeling lazy? Now you can! Discover our leveling and unlocking services! we do all kinds of services, from leveling your weapons, battle pass, picking up camouflages...
  18. L

    Multi [All Platforms] Legacy Gaming wants you!

    Hello! I am from a new and upcoming Gaming Community known Legacy Gaming (LXG). We house multiple clans for games including CoD. We accept members of all skill levels. Here is what we have to offer have a lot to offer! -Dedicated Discord -Active members -Weekly Gamenights -Merch -Always...
  19. Mefisto

    Multi Ministry of Destruction [MOD] clan is recruiting! [PC][EU][18+] MP, Warzone and DMZ

    Ministry of Destruction started in 22 december 2022 as an Call of Duty gaming clan, we have divisions in MW2 MP, Warzone and DMZ. We are currently open for recruitment, are you interested and can't wait? Visit our Discord server and play a game with us. https://discord.gg/modclan We are a...
  20. Mifune-Kurosawa

    Multi Fujiwara-uji (Ronin) Recruitment

    Looking for Objective based players on PSN MW2. Have to able to play objective, hold their own, use a mic and communicate. If you specialize in any field, taking down killstreaks, using support based killstreaks, run and gun, launchers, knives and or shield maiden play. That’s a plus, the more...