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recruiting clans

  1. T

    Mobile Uk Kent clan Looking for active players for clan battles

    Looking to boost numbers up we are a group of friends that play in the evening mostly message me if interested
  2. Lubuski

    Multi UN:BROKEN rekrutuje!

    UN:BROKEN postało po to, aby z okazji wypuszczenia Modern Warfare II oraz Warzone 2.0 stworzyć świetną społeczność. Mam w planach rozwinąć ten projekt i w przyszłości brać udział w wydarzeniach, które pozwolą nam na osiągnięcie chociażby małego rozgłosu wśród społeczności CoD. Co oferujemy...
  3. Zero Remorse Family

    Multi ZeroRemorseFam is Recruiting zRG Warzone & Vanguard

    Hello everyone! Zero Remorse Family is Recruiting for new members! We play Rogue Company, Apex Legends and Call Of Duty! We're looking for Causal,Competitive and Content Creators. Everyone is welcome! We have a very friendly community non toxicity We offer a chill environment, tournaments...
  4. b_natter

    Mobile Suicide Charley Clan Recruitment

    Suicide Charley is recruiting. We are a clan in COD Mobile, and we just move up to level 4. We have 30 members right now, so we're looking for new players. We are a laid back clan with active players, however I will drop players if they don't play at least once a week or don't contribute points...
  5. DrCyn

    Multi Subversive Gaming Network - Recruiting members and Clans

    Hi Everyone, Subversive Gaming Network is a gaming community and network of gaming communities that offers a new gaming experience to members in both the core community and our partners attached to the network. We play a variety of games, and we recruit clans to be part of the network so our...
  6. SFP Touch SD

    Multi [PC] [Xbox] [NA] SFP Is Now Recruiting!!!

    A Little About SFP!!! SFP is a home base for all gamers, of all types. SFP's primary goal and vision is to encompass every aspect of gaming for its members. We provide a family feel and host many different game nights and events. We are new and have tons of experience in gaming and running...
  7. H

    Xbox Live LFC - Xbox

    Morning all, Looking for a UK Xbox based clan for competitive / fun gaming. Experienced, mature and active. Gamer tag: Holbers
  8. E

    Multi Redemption Gaming Recruitment

    Hey guys, Redemption gaming just starting up new squads for PC. Doesnt really matter what games, mostly MW3 and BO2 but expanding is Always good :). We're not a clan that demands a 2.0 K/d but just want to have fun together (ofcourse you have to be able to kill some hehe). So we're looking for...
  9. S

    PSN Modern Warfare Clan Toxic Now Recruiting!!

    Toxic now recruiting members, looking for people who wanna have fun and wreck shit add me and message me on psn or activision or here Snizzysnap1090
  10. I

    PSN Looking for ORG

    Hi. Im looking for a serious org to play under. Im only accepting serious offers. Funded orgs only. More info will only be given to offers that are willing to more further into the recruitment process. I am able to go to lan events. Im looking to possibly join now or when bo4 comes out. The team...
  11. Dark_Preed

    PSN Clan Recruitment 2018 | COD Engage PS4

    Looking for a community that you can kick back and relax with? You found it. Wanna play competitive GB's or UMG on your sweaty days? We have it! COD Engage is social community for the general and serious gamers of WWII. We host full parties of 6 pub stomp sessions, and 4v4 GB matches. Message...
  12. A

    Xbox Live Looking for a clan

    Looking for a clan that is laid back and who is alright with messed up humor within reason. I'm kinda loud too...but I'm workin on it. M 23 TX GT: Astro MidKnighT - WW2 only - I would like to keep my name -I am a college student so when class starts up again in Spring,I will have to...
  13. Wildstorm_Freak

    PSN SLG ARMY Recruiting PS4 ONLY

    SLG ARMY Recruiting PS4 ONLY PSN: Shadow01Dragon 10 free spots this week only ps4 TMDC Nation Rules -You must carry SLGA tag at all times -You are to be dedicated to SLGA ONLY -Loyal to Family -Must be Active -Having Fun -No Bullying - No Squeakers Allow Game BO3 (Coming Soon WWII)
  14. B

    Xbox Live Looking for skilled clan

    My brother and I are on ww2 every day, we are both very experienced. Please message my gamertag your clan details. How many are in the clan, avg kd's, how active, etc. Gamertag: BshLzzLe
  15. S

    Multi RoaR Gaming recruiting! #GrizzlyNation

    Visit www.roargg.com to join Grizzy Nation! If you sign up make sure to put Covenant_Pilgrim as your recruiter! Look forward to having you!
  16. A

    Xbox Live The New Image Sniping clan (Tni) Is Recruiting!

    The new image sniping clan is recruiting members! We are newly formed and we are of a very good start, we are settled in with 3 members in total. If you have the potential and positive energy to join us, you are more than welcome to fill out this form in order for us to know a little bit about...
  17. Natsuna_Emblem

    PSN Clan Searching

    Mornin' / Afternoon, just browsing about areas for potential clans looking for new members Considerin' WW2 is coming around the corner and I've been revisiting BO3, figured it'd be more motivating to have a group to play with However, if you're a completely serious / stat-centric group of...
  18. T

    PSN Team Frostbyte is Recruiting!

    Hey everyone! I am the leader of Team Frostbyte (TFB), TFB_Echo. This is a newer clan that is in need of more members. We were once known as RisK Nation, but have made a name change. I know many are going to ask about UMG and GBs. Yes, we are going to be doing all that in the future, but for now...
  19. P

    PSN Recruit

    I'm looking for a chance with a clan on ps4. I'm 18 and looking for an opportunity with competitive players. I can be an OBJ or slayer. PSN - petemichaelrose Twitter - The_lobred14
  20. X

    PSN Looking for a Clan

    Looking for a clan on playstation. I play Bo3 mainly but have MWR my KD in Bo3 is 2.54 and mainly play search and destroy