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ww2 clans

  1. B

    PSN Savage Souls Unite [PS4]

    Savage Souls Unite (SSU) is actively looking for gamers that need a place to call home. SSU was founded on the principle that people play PS4 to have fun, and this will always be priority number one. We tackle any forms of drama with a Zero Tolerance. We are team driven, and approach all...
  2. O

    PSN OPz Klan - PS4 Looking for new members

    We are a brand new clan hailing from leprechaun land. We are recruiting people to join our clan. We play Call of Duty WW2, Black Ops 3 & other games like Fortnite, Destiny & Rocket League. We don't mind if your a casual gamer or an everyday gamer if you enjoy to play and want to have fun...
  3. ochirukami

    Xbox Live Iso Clan

    Looking for a clan to join and or start up one on xb1. I primarily play war mostly in ww2 but like other modes as well, kc, td, domination, etc. I have a Mic and hoping to find some people to have fun and eventually competitive game play. Please feel free to add me on xb1 at ochirukami always...
  4. RIPPERinbed

    PSN WARDOG 396 GAMING is Recruiting

    hi we are wardog 396 and we are looking people for pubs and competitive we will take any skill level to new players to experienced players everyone is welcome must be 15+ my psn name is RIPPERonPS that is the fastest way to contact me thank you and hope to see you on the battlefield
  5. Eh Royalty

    Multi Mystic Gaming is Recruiting!

    Hey Seekers! Mystic Gaming is Recruiting new Community players to join our Organization! PS4 & Xbox One! Must be at least 15 or older, have a working mic and able to download Discord! We only play WW2! We have meets every Tuesday and Thursday and gamenights on Sunday! We are all about activity...
  6. S

    Xbox Live Looking for sniper clans

    Xbox One, experienced sniper, active, pro
  7. K

    PSN Elite Gaming Recruitment

    Are you determined to make it big in Call of Duty? If you answered yes, we're interested in you. I am Elite Kyogre the clan leader of Elite Gaming, and we are currently looking for 6 players. You MUST be 18+. All of you will be added on the competative roster, but only 2 of you will be in the...
  8. I

    Multi Platinum Gaming is now recruiting! Trying to Rebuild our community worldwide!

    Our organization is now recruiting! We were once a worldwide community with over 250+ members back in bo3. We didn't really Play much in infinite warfare but we are back! REQUIREMENTS -MUST BE AT LEAST 16 -MUST HAVE SOME SORT OF COMMUNICATION -BE MATURE -HAVE AT LEAST A 1.15 KDR -MIC IS NOT...
  9. M

    PSN TriBeZz Recruiting now

    TriBeZz Clan is recruiting now! We are a pretty laid back team, you dont have to play everyday if you dont want we understand people have lives but we do ask for you to be on some of the time. We are looking for snipers and trickshotters right now. If youre a sniper you need at least one clip...
  10. R

    PSN Mayhem Company Clan Recruitment PS4

    Hello this is General Of The Armies RogueSh1nobi. We are currently searching for brave young men and women to join us on the battlefield. We are an organised team orianted clan that uses strategy an tactics to win matches. we have an extensive ranking structure with specific objectives to move...
  11. H

    Xbox Live Looking for aussie competitive players/team

    Ive had experience in competitive gaming and am a fan of the scene in general, I'm a good, reliable player and would love to start playing competitive ww2. my gamer tag is HaPPyxMisTake
  12. J

    PSN Looking To Recruit for 4v4 or 3v3

    Hello, I am looking to put together a group of 3 or 4 people to form a GB team. The only requirements to join are that you have a KD of 1.75+ OR have relatively successful GB team history. I want this to be a fun, but serious competitive clan that had regular practices. And of course we will pub...
  13. R

    PSN Looking to join a competitive clan PS4, AU

    21 and looking for a serious clan to play mlg battles And ranked ! Message me
  14. K

    Call Of Duty WW2 MONTAGE!!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zglKogZBsfA&t=6s Just starting out on youtube, only able to record and edit from my PS4. This was a little warm up to my channel because i have not posted in a while! Please watch! I am also looking for a clan to join, Im not only a sniper.
  15. L

    Xbox Live Recruiting (xbox)

    just made a new clan and im looking for members, both casual play and competetive, if you are intrested hot me up on Xbox (Rainboow Hunter) Kik (blazzesnip) The clan is for call of duty and overwatch
  16. B

    Xbox Live Looking for skilled clan

    My brother and I are on ww2 every day, we are both very experienced. Please message my gamertag your clan details. How many are in the clan, avg kd's, how active, etc. Gamertag: BshLzzLe
  17. F

    PSN Looking for a clan

    I have a mic and I'm very experienced with 6+ years of cod playing competitive since bo2. Mostly objective player but can get massive kills in the process. Hit me up if you guys are planning to climb the ladder in ranked this season . Psn: Foreverimmune
  18. R

    PSN ReAcTxGaming Recruiting

    I'm recruiting for the upcoming call of duty try to get my clans name out there we currently have some pretty good members but I'm looking to add more talent and move the weaker players out. My goal is to be some a house hold name in eSports with the new setup it's easier than ever and with the...
  19. Z

    Xbox Live "Forged Gaming USA" (FRGD) is now Recruiting!!

    Forged Gaming was a Semi Professional CoD team back in the (MW, WaW, MW2, BO, and MW3) days unfortunately the Clan was Retired. The Clan was owned by Forged Operator, and Forged J. the members were "Forged Operator" Forged J, iOutPlay ,and ThrRottIez. The clan has been Disassembled since the Cod...
  20. C

    Xbox Live Commix Gaming Xbox one Recruiting

    I am the founder/leader of the multi gaming clan called Commix Gaming. We are a gaming organization that focus on winning as a team more the individual performances. Our main goal is to win game and help every member preform to the best of their ability. Commix Gaming currently has a casual...