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10 call of duty black ops cold war tips

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10 Pro Tips For Call Of Duty: Cold War Multiplayer You Need To Know

As Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War's multiplayer changes up a few things, these pro tips should help newcomers and veterans alike. It turns out that Cold War has changed more than a few things that can mean the difference between life or death in a firefight. To emerge triumphantly, players will have to abide by these new changes. Here are the most significant tips to get ahead in multiplayer.

Cold War is nearing the end of its life cycle as the new installment in the series is just a few months away. However, there are a number of strategies that are applicable to any Call Of Duty title. It is rumored that the next game in the franchise will run on the same engine as Modern Warfare. If that is the case, players can develop their skills by incorporating the following Cold War multiplayer tips. While the engines may be slightly different, all of the methods mentioned in this guide will make people better Call of Duty Players. Use the same methods as the professionals to dominate the competition before the end of Cold War.

10 Jump Challenging

Performing a jump challenge is one of the oldest pro FPS tactics. It can be used to hop around corners and catch pushing players off guard. The jump challenge serves two purposes. The first is the element of surprise. Instead of slow peeking at a location or just walking through a door, jumping will force opponents to adjust their aim. A moving target is harder to hit than a still target. A skilled jump challenge combines the three below principles.

  • Sprint perpendicular to the opponent sight line
  • Jump and ADS toward the enemy
  • Tap jump (bunny hop) and fire
9 Hip Fire To ADS

When using a weapon that is not set up for close-range fights, hip firing to ADS is the only available option. Otherwise, an enemy will win the gunfight due to faster ADS and/or hip fire spread.
As an opponent approaches at close range, hip fire immediately and ADS toward the enemy's chest. This will give gamers caught off guard a fighting chance in those AR/LMG versus SMG scenarios. Throw in a drop shot or slide to be even more evasive and have a higher chance of winning the engagement.

8 Head Glitching

Head glitching is one of the most crucial tactics used by players at any level. Finding peek spots where only the character's head is exposed will give players a noticeable positioning advantage. This is especially true when using a sniper.
In multiplayer, people that maintain cover while pushing contested positions will have more success. It is way more difficult to shoot 16 pixels than an entire character model. Look for favorable spots while playing a particular map and remember the best spots based on the objectives and sight lines.

7 Relocating

Every pro Call of Duty player knows that relocating is one of the most important things everyone should be doing to continue a kill streak. In a competitive match, opposing players will be calling out enemy locations. Be sure to peek at a new angle or rotate after killing the first enemy.
The second player will focus on the locations where the teammate died and the person that changes position will have the upper hand in the end. Re-peeking with a jump challenge is another option if there are multiple opposing players moving in.

6 Pre-aiming

If an enemy player is spotted, or a team has a UAV, pre-firing is a must. However, each member of a team should be pre-aiming common sight lines and contested areas at all times. The ADS animation on every weapon takes at least a fraction of a second.
A split second is enough of a buffer to win any gunfight, even against top-level players. In league games, every person in the lobby will have above average aim. People can make up for a few missed shots with movement and well times pre-aims.

5 Memorize Sight Lines

This may be an obvious tip, but it is crucial nonetheless. To get better at anything, repetition is required. Even elite-level players can be outgunned on maps they aren't familiar with. Knowing sight lines and common peek spots will give the average player a leg up on those with less knowledge of the map.
Use every death and every match as a learning experience. Keeping a mental log of all the potential places an enemy may appear will incrementally make anyone a better gamer.

4 Counter Slide Firing

Sliding in Cold War took a few knocks during the early alpha and beta stages, but it's since been tacked up a bit. Still, it's effective as ever at making opponents very hard to hone in on during a fight. Those who have gotten used to this mechanic will use it fully to their advantage, at least until a balance patch comes out to address the issue.
In the meantime, players can learn how to "slide cancel," which is a tactic that takes advantage of an animation exploit in the game. Double-tap to a slide, and then cancel the movement immediately thereafter. This makes the character move faster and harder to hit. Enjoy it while it lasts, because it's going to get nerfed from a hundred yards out before long.

3 Sacrifice Attachment Slots Wisely

Sometimes choosing the right attachment for a particular mode of play is far more valuable than hogging as many as possible. It's up to a player to decide what they are willing to sacrifice in favor of a specialty add-on, but it could help turn the tide in a fight by giving them a chance at overcoming bad odds.
For instance, choosing the Cavalry Lancer barrel will prevent a user from attaching add-ons such as recoil dampeners, but if going up against heavy vehicles, that tradeoff is more than acceptable. Like in earlier Call of Duty games, Cold War rewards experimentation with load-out perks.

2 Think Tactically

COD games tend to be extremely fast-paced, and that means leaping into the kill zone only to get slaughtered, then respawning to start the entire process all over again. To gain ground in Cold War, players need to think tactically instead of like an action movie hero.
That means inching forward, using cover to one's advantage, taking account of the proper perks, and forming a slow-and-steady approach that will negate unnecessary deaths and higher scores for the opposing team.

1 No More Camping

Camping has forever been an element of multiplayer shooters, for better or worse, but there's a mechanic that Treyarch has slipped into Call of Duty: Cold War that makes camping a no-go for many players.
The Ghost Perk requires players to be mobile when they move in order to benefit from the non-detection plus. Camping down with it active won't do anyone much good, and will leave gamers detectable to UAVs. This helps shake things up by rooting out campers who are now robbed of their incentive.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctnGg9JNmQs
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