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PC [18+] PRIMER Gaming Community | Casual + Comp



Discord --> https://discord.gg/VeZMNkj

Primer is new. It's all about playing good games with good people.


It wasn’t established 20 years ago like many other clans or communities. That’s good and bad. But, we think it’s mostly good. We’re not bound by outdated and trivial hierarchies. Actually, we don’t really believe in that sh*t at all.


  • You must be 18+
  • You must have a microphone
  • You must speak English (You're English need not be perfect)
  • We do not tolerate toxicity
  • You must respect everyone in PRIMER. No questions asked.
  • 0 tolerance on cheating or scripting or anything like that. Z E R O.


  • Dedicated support for streamers
    • Streamers matter to us. We work with streamers on an individual basis so that we can accommodate their streams within the community. We promote streams, and guess what? People actually click through to watch. It's cool.
  • You don't need to be a member to play with us. You can jump in and play alongside us, today. Like, right now.
  • Become a member when you're ready.
  • Non-toxic players to play alongside you.
  • A complete lack of whiny children.
Discord --> https://discord.gg/VeZMNkj

See you out there!


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