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Multi 2.18 K/D Old Man looking for a clan


Hey all! A few things about me:

1. I am SUPER competitive (hate to lose) so while I try to be positive on the coms if you are not playing smart it's in my DNA to say something. I realize no one likes this but I just want to be honest. I was in a Destiny clan for years with no issues but it's not for everyone I get it.
2. I only play SnD (with a solid group) and TDM (mostly solo). I'm fine with all the other game types but only with a solid group that likes to set up. Flipping spawns every 5 seconds is not my idea of a good time.
3. 2.36 KD, and 2.61 Elim/D with 526 SPM in TDM (sweaty tryhard). 2.18 KD and 2.42 Elim/D overall.
4. I'm 40 so other than the occasional rage I am very mature and will have lots to talk about. Might even make you laugh from time to time.
5. I stream occasionally so you'd have to be ok with that.
6. I'm fine with league play (Elite solo) but it's not my favorite.
7. I used to work for MLG for years and have lots of gaming stories.

I don't want to play casually but I'm also not looking to join tournaments and things like that. Basically I like to play core but I want to win every game. If your clan seems like a fit and you want a solid player that's going to be able to hold down an area of the map I'm your man.


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Still looking. My K/D is up to 2.21 right now with a 2.41 in TDM which is by far my #1 playlist. I really just want some peeps to play with that can hold their own and communicate and also hate to lose like I do. Hit me up!


I have played league and am in Elite but I don't prefer it. Thanks for the reply btw at least I know someone is looking at it lol. K/D is up to 2.23 now btw which means nothing!


I don't really play a lot of Warzone. Nothing against it and I might play more if I had some people to play with but I probably have less than 50 games played and most of those were zombies lol.
All the best to you. I have been following your progress for a while because I don't believe in a man behind. Best of luck to you.


All the best to you. I have been following your progress for a while because I don't believe in a man behind. Best of luck to you.
Thanks! I think I scared everyone off with the rage comment lol. Just trying to be honest. If I could find at least find one person that's good and likes to play TDM I think I'd be set so if you know anyone that prefers that and SnD lmk!
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