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230 am post

Hello everyone, I have created this account because I stay awake at night thinking of ways I can get people's attention and feedback... that may sound a little bit silly but I like to hear what people have to say.
And also a little bit of harmless self promotion lol.

Black ops 3 comes out November 6th this year 2015,

Earlier today I created a video talking about some of the things I like about black ops 3, In the video I go over some new things that are going to be in black ops 3 (PC) version.

I used to play a whole lot of Xbox 360 and Xbox one but have moved to PC for better performance and experience.

Some of the things that will be added for PC are, controller support and split screen. Witch is huge for PC gamers everywhere.

If you're interested in hearing more about black ops 3
Check out

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