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Tactical Gaming

Multi 5W|FT Gaming is recruiting!

5WIFT Gaming is looking for new players to join our fast growing MW only clan. We have around 70 members which all play different game types being played. If you like WZ, Core or Hard Core and you enjoy being part of an awesome regiment then please reach out either by Discord DM: Stinky Dude#9989 Xbox GT EntwinedMoth5 or join "https://discord.gg/9bp7x9r" We support PS4, PC and XBOX and we are a 16+ clan only.

Tactical Gaming


Are you tired of playing MW by yourself? Do you want to work together with likeminded individuals so that you can win more games rank up and meet new people.

If you answered yes, then come join us at 5WIFT Gaming! We are active daily playing HC, Core and WZ. If you want people to run games with drop me a DM on Discord at iBxbby#5412

Age: 16+

Xbox, PC, PS4

Must love COD!


5W|FT Gaming is a 16+ clan with over 300+ active members always looking to play. There is always someone on to play any time during the day as we have members both in NA and EU. We have no K/D requirements, all we ask is that you're 16+ and bring a non-toxic attitude. We have a 1 week recruitment trial with the ability to move up within the discord ranks, Once you pass your 1 week trial you will be invited to our in game regiment. Look forward to seeing you! DM me on Discord if you're interested! Kipler#3254
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