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7 year COD VET but MW2 clueless


This iteration of COD has me absolutely confounded. I'm doing well in a game I 100% DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I have no rocket launchers either. My biggest complaint at the moment is that no one in this game seems to know how to attain the rocket launchers. Found out can't get a lock on launcher until level 27.

Help me understand. This has never been the case in any iteration of COD. I have yet to see one UAV shot down in this game. Not once. Put up several of my own. ZERO were shot down. Nobody has a lock launcher.

Help me understand.
I see a lot of the Classic COD game play I like so am encouraged for Warzone 2 when it drops but I had hoped for more on the anti cheat side - it’s ironic as I type this there is an ad above the typing box that offers paid for services to level up weapons and unlock stuff.

i Agree on the UAV point, haven’t seen or heard any shot down in the games I have played but I also think people don’t care anymore - players care more about getting 20 plus kills a game - they don’t care if they get killed 50 times to do it

its the people not the game

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