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8 Things Wrong With Call of Duty WWII


Staff member
#1 I agree that map rotation needs to be tweaked. I get the same maps a lot as well.
#2 I agree here as well. I love in Titanfall, you can sprint unlimited and have auto sprint turned on as well so you don't even have to click in the button.
#3 I love War mode. You rank up, try different things. I like to unlock gun challenges without worry about other things.
#4 I agree. It does seem like a long grind.
#5 I don't use the contracts, I hate timed things.
#6 I love the Headquarters. Wouldn't mind it being optional.
#7 I haven't had any problems with grenades. Hunker works well to prevent grenade deaths.
#8 I completely agree here. I think you should be able to put silencers on everything.

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