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PSN A community for all...


With BO4 finally here, I wanted to pitch a few things to everyone...

Our clan hosts a community site to which anyone 18 and up is highly encouraged to sign up and help liven things up a bit as we just recently launched it :)

*The site itself serves as a hub for all types of players, from casuals looking to meet new friends, to other clans looking to vs others (with registration and scoring system functionality etc.), to upper tier comp types looking to join/form or compete against other ‘teams’... basically the idea is it’s a community hub to encourage CoD players to get online and interact with others of likeminded interests.

The community is called ENGAGE CoD.

You don’t need to be in a clan to sign up.

If you are however into the clan thing and are looking for fellow peeps to either roll pubs with, or to compete with/against others, for sure come check it out as well.

In addition - Our clan [DRD4] (sounds like Dee-are-Dee-four, lol), is for sure actively recruiting, so again, please feel welcome to come check us out, and we definitely hope you may consider helping us fill up our rosters and get in on the action.

For anyone with questions please message me up on PSN or through our Discord server’s ‘entryportal’ channel (link is below the image). Thanks for reading!




The_Quota [PSN]
ENGAGE eSports Community

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