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A Different Take On The RTX Saga...


The Equalizer
Don't take this the wrong way, ya'all.. I ain't cheatin' on ya'all.. :D

But my RTO company suggested their plan is to give me an RMA and go direct with EVGA to resolve my issue..

I really don't want to go that route since that would leave me kind of RTX - less....

"You were supposed to get the River Guardian on my side for my coming uprising and you blew it and now I am kind of River Guardian... less."

..... for probably a while.. And that's not something I really want to do..

So, I figured I would go right to the horses mouth or, in this case, the EVGA forums..

In any case, I thought that it might benefit to have their perspective over here...

So, without further ado...



The Equalizer
Apparently, CoD and STEAM don't play very well together...

I had STEAM in the background and tried to load up WARZONE... Sat at the LOADING screen in WZ for over an hour.. Just sat there..


As soon as I closed and uninstalled STEAM and then retried WarZone, WZ booted right up...

Onwards and upwards...


The Equalizer
Interesting take from the EVGA crowd...

Your CPU temperature is pegged at 100C for almost the entire Time Spy run. It starts the run at 80C and ~4GHz and almost immediately shoots up to 100C and drops to ~2GHz. This shouldn't be happening. What kind of CPU cooler are you using? What are you idle CPU temperatures? I'd imagine that your CPU constantly thermal throttling is bottlenecking your GPU.

I would have not thought temp would have such a deleterious effect...

Apparently, it does...


The Equalizer
LATEST 3D Mark BenchMark

Gotta post this before my sleeping pills kick in.. :D It's gonna be close...

In an effort to be a more responsible thread creator, I have decided to post the latest 3D Mark update into the same thread that had the previous 3D Mark benchmark.. So as to facilitate a better comparison...

Played a single match of PLUNDER.. First time in almost a week!! It was AWESOME!!! Got 2 kills and 3rd place... I think I am going to like PACIFIC... Even though it looks like APOCALYPSE...

My Afterburner wasn't configged right so I'll get the Benchmarks and HML in the morning..

But I did want to share with ya'all the 3D Mark benchmark and compare it to the one in this thread...


To paraphrase Tom Cruise in A FEW GOOD MEN...

"Now, I don't know what that all means, but it {looks pretty good}"


Now I have to go pour myself into bed,,, NiNi
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