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Angels of Death

A few minor updates...

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You may have noticed there has been one or two minor changes on the site over the past day or two.

  1. New Clan section -
    There are two new forums dedicated to clans. One for recruiting new members, the other for general clan chat.

  2. Clan tags -
    If you scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Your Details you'll see a new field called Clan Tag has appeared. If you put something in there, it'll appear at the beginning of your forum posts. If you don't have a clan, or don't want to use the feature simply leave it blank :)

  3. Adverts -
    I've added a single advert to the header, it's relevant to a lot of users and it can really make a difference to us if we earn a bit of revenue. It will only appear if you are a guest or are a member but with 0 posts. I know how annoying ads can be, so they'll never be forced on active members of the site :)
  4. Groups -
    Proud W@W fan? Want a home for your clan? You can now create Groups of your own.
    There are a few different options, your group can be public so anyone can join and participate. Or private invite only groups, which will be hidden from the public and only clan members etc... will be able to view your content.

  5. Gallery -
    Similar privacy options to the groups. You can share game screenshots, fan art etc... with the world, or make private albums for your personal use.

    Feedback is as ever appreciated, let us know what you think :)

Angels of Death


Staff member
Just remember, you can create social groups from the usergroups window. There is where you'll be able to create your own clan with these options turned on! These clan forums are set up to broadcast to others that you're recruiting. Enjoy!
Not open for further replies.
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