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A GTX-970 "Mini".. Won't Configure..


The Equalizer
Something different....

I have a GTX-970 "mini" (Smaller, no ext power connections..):


I have installed it in 3 or 4 different motherboards... It seems to work fine, but won't install the drivers...

In each case, it gives me the Windows Yellow Triangle thingy..


I have tried different versions of the NVIDIA drivers to no avail..

Bad card?? Would a "reflow" might possibly fix it??


Thanx in advance.....


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
It looks like you're suggesting that there is a fault that's not big enough to stop the 970 from getting picked up, but too big to allow it to complete installation, right?

So where would you look to discover the issue? Could it be RAM, VRMs, caps, GPU BIOS etc... I think I would start by stripping the board and looking for possible signs of blown components, broken tracers, and other form of damage, but I have no idea how that might manifest or how to use equipment to reflow faults.


The Equalizer
Yea, after retiring, I bought a reflow setup years ago and made a decent living reflowing XBOX 360s and PS3s.. The reflow is great for any GPU based device...

I'll strip her down (heh) and see what's under the hood...



The Equalizer
OK Did the reflow..

No help...

Interestingly enough, what IS occurring is reminiscent of my recent foray into the RTX world with that RTX 2080 (2060??) I got to play with for a while a bit ago..

The Yellow Triangle and it boots and windows works OK, but when I try to install the drivers I get the black screen of death...

That's very interesting albeit not very helpful...

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