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A reminder to all prospective users about registering


Staff member
Welcome to CODForums! Thank you for considering on registering!

While I am a very nice person, and a very welcoming person... I have to remind you that you need to understand what you're doing when you register to the site.

Put some thought in registering. That means using the correct e-mail address. Because if you don't, that e-mail confirmation does not go anywhere. You won't even be able to do anything on the site until you're confirmed.

I've seen people using the wrong address, and what happens is that the e-mail gets bounced back to our server. Leaving you, the user - with nothing to do on the site.

I clean up the backlog of new users sitting in "awaiting user confirmation" every time I get an e-mail from people saying they want to delete their account. This means that the user in question can't go anywhere or do anything.

Don't ask to delete your account. Ask us to help YOU fix the problem!

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