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A word about the "Contact Us" form.


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On the bottom of every page on this site is an envelope image, that is the "Contact Us" form. Recently, I've seen a lot of users using it for the wrong reason. Today, I'll talk about what it's for, and what's it's NOT for.

Some users are using it to recruit members, some users are using it to ask to change a username, some users are using it for Call of Duty questions, some users are treating it like a thread, some users are using it for other questions, and more. You'd be surprised on the kinds of messages that come through there... STOP.

That's not what it's for.

The "Contact Us" form is a form that sends your messages to an inbox - MY e-mail inbox. That form is for server errors, registration problems, or any other errors thrown up by the software or plugins or backend software. That's what it's for.

CODForums is a Forum. CODForum is a Message Board for Call of Duty fans. Its where you can send a message to other Call of Duty players, but you must know how to use it. And you must know where to post, if you don't know where to post, here's the board list.

If you need to contact another user privately, click on their avatar or username, look for a "Start a Conversation" to initiate the private conversation (or if you're familiar with vB "Private Message").

Thank you, and have a nice day!

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