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Add on is being copied before every start


Hey guys i need your help.
i have purchased Call of Duty MW. Actually I‘m only Playing warzone.
now with the new Update, the Problems come. With every start of the game, my playstation is copying an Add-On (27,854GB) from the CD. Once i Close the Program and re-open it, the same Add-On is being copied First. Doing this i have to wait before each start for about 25 minutes.
what can i do?


I'm trying to figure out why as consumers we allow Microsoft to do this it takes hours to update a game that they add nothing to think about it what are they adding they don't add new maps they don't add anything but maybe a couple pictures yet it's consuming all of our Xbox space all they're doing is trying to get us to run out of memory so we have to purchase more all the money we spend on this game they don't take care of it they don't make it better why do we allow that

All the money we spend on this game buying skins weapons cloud points and it's always shutting down having issues that's not what we pay for and then I find it hard to believe that they can't get rid of the hackers for us people who spend money on this game we should be protected from crap like that you're not going to tell me they don't have the technology to prevent hacking or illegal vpns and how people on PCs get the one up on us on game systems it's ridiculous

We really should ask consumers boycott Microsoft


Am I the only one getting sick of all the fucking glitches this game has this is what we spend our money on


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
@Ticolo have you tried looking at the file manager in the game, I think you can activate or deactivate parts of the game you want installed or not installed on your hard drive. See if you can set that particular add-on to not be installed.

You might also want to try to see if you can check for updates, maybe the version of the add-on that's on the disk is out of date.

@Dxvj thanks for your answers, I'm quite confused by what you've said, the OP is asking about an issue with a PlayStation version of an Activision game. How would boycotting Microsoft fix this problem?
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