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advanced knifing tutorial


hi everyone.
i thought you might be interested in my tutorial, seeing as many of you like to knife. i have been purely knifing in cod games for nearly a year now, i have played fps games since the days of doom and rise of the triads.
the tutorial is cut from six consecutive games on dm crossfire, pc. it is a 40 man server.7.5 minute games. i chose original cod4 becuase it is the one which is hardest for knifers. and a 40 man pc server because if you can survive there, you can survive anywhere :) the tactics though will be usefull on any of the latest cod game, which is why ive posted here.
please check it out, comment, rate, etc, and maybe take a look at my other videos too (got some nice streaks and so on), but theyre a little bit older.

you may have to wait a while for it to finish processing as its 1080p
have fun

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