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Advanced Warfare Exoskeleton Abilities


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Activision revealed Advanced Warfare Multiplayer details. One of the biggest, and one of the most prominent features in the game is the exoskeletons. It allows you to perform movements not currently possible.

August 11, 2014 | GamesCom 2014
View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmTLNtBTEhA

By default, your exoskeletons has these exo movements....

- Boost Jump: Allows you to double jump.
- Boost Dodge: Allows you to sprint and side-step.
- Boost Dash: Allows you to jump and maneuver in mid-air.
- Boost Slide: Allows you to sprint and crouch at the same time.
- Boost Slam: Allows you to jump in the air and smash your opponents.

Exo Abilities are little upgrades to your exoskeleton, but they come with loss of energy or comes with a cost.

- Exo Shield
- Exo Overclock
- Exo Stim
- Exo Cloak
- Exo Hover
- Exo Ping
- Exo Trophy System

Exo Launchers replace lethal equipment.

- Frag Grenade
- Stun Grenade
- Explosive Drone
- Tracking Drone
- Semtex
- Threat Grenade
- EMP Grenade
- Smoke Grenade
- Variable Grenade
- Spike Drone

This thread is a work in progress. It will be updated as we get new information about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer.


The Exo Skeleton's battery life drains as you use it so one will have to use it wisely! You can also put Emblems on your Exo! YAY :) Just thought Id add a few bits of info as to what we know about the EXO


I'm not here to troll. As much as I like everything CoD is trying to do to keep their sales up. I don't care about guns, special grenades, perks, nano-suit, or whatever. If it is still P2P hosting system 6v6 then they haven't took a single step forward. I'm not here to say BF is more realistic or this or that, but when I shoot someone in the head with a sniper rifle in BF it's a headshot. Everytime. No connection interrupted, No host-migration, no teleporting around corners, no glitching or whatever else happens in CoD to result in very unstable, and inconsistent latency, resulting in people taking full mags to the chest. Again not here to troll, I like CoD but I hate lag. It's just too bad that with CoD comes enough lag to feed a village in africa.


I know what you mean Ryan32 its horrible isnt it! There is so much BS in COD I really hope that they sort out atleast some of the problems with their servers before launch! The Exo's will be horrible if there is loads of lag! One second you see and enemy the next ...LAG... and theyre in the air and your dead haha!! The joys and rage quitting it will bring! haha

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