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Advice wanted for good gaming mobo/cpu that also supports win11

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No rush on a timeline as I don't know when I can start buying yet. But am looking for a new mobo and cpu.
It's good that you're not in a hurry, the current global chip shortages are not going away soon, and that means the current over inflation of prices for parts will still be an issue until the shortages are dealt with. Biden's plan to build chip making plants in the US will take at least 4-5 years before they are ready to start producing new chips on US soil.

Focus on chips and/or mobos/CPUs/GPUs that have TPM 2.0. TPM 1.2 is minimum.
TPM 2.0 is a key requirement for Windows 11. TPM 2.0 has been available since 2014, I would be surprised if any mobo being released now didn't have that chip as all mobo manufacturers would have known about the Windows 11 main requirements for a good while before this information became known to the public. That means that TPM 2.0 would have been available on 5th or 6th generation Core i CPUs, but even then it is worth looking for a works with Windows 11 or Windows 11 Ready label on any mobo you choose.

Microsoft, in all their wisdom (sic) have opted to draw the line at the 8th gen CPUs, but there are ways to get Windows 11 to run on 7th gen CPUs, such as using some of the fixes shown here as many 7th gen CPUs technically meet all of Microsoft's requirements, it's unclear why it wasn't included.

GPU will be at a later time due to cost.
and availability! But, on that note, if you had a compatible CPU with integrated graphics and a non-compliant GPU, remove the GPU before installing Windows 11, install using the iGPU, then re-install the GPU. I can't be sure that won't break your Windows 11 installation but feel that this is something that might work, once you have got over the other i7 7700k issues.
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