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After Vanguard Update, Campaign locked


Built a new computer recently and bought Vanguard for $29 last week, about Aug 1st. Yesterday, 5Aug2022, Vanguard did an update in Battle.Net. After that, the Campaign is locked. I tried multiple different ways to get the update applied. Ended up disabling Antivirus and Firewall, clicked Modify install, unchecked Campaign and FINALLY, Start Update wasn't greyed out. Click start. Campaign still locked. Went back to the Battle Net desktop app, checked Campaign and then clicked Start Update. It downloaded 20+ Gb, worked a little bit and then finished.

Campaign STILL locked.

Submitted bug report to Activision. Little to no confidence I'll actually hear back from them.

Searched around some more and found this on Twitter posted yesterday:

We’ve identified an issue affecting the campaign of
Vanguard on PC. The game mode will show up as uninstalled until we can address the issue. We expect to have a fix available by tomorrow.

View: https://twitter.com/BeenoxCODPC/status/1555646507897987074?t=64GTXbyIZJMj8KqF48jGcw&s=19

So for anyone having issues playing Vanguard Campaign, it's a waiting game now.

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