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PSN Age of Apocalypse is Recruiting!

Hi everyone! Age of Apocalypse has been around on Xbox since CoD4 back in 2008 and we are now on PS4! We would like to recruit more active members on PS4! We play a variety of games but we are mainly all about Call of Duty when it comes to PS4. We are looking for laidback members that won't start issues or drama. We are competitive but not all about k/d...you win some and you lose some...we are all about fun! Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of decent players on PS4 that can carry any team and I won't bore you all telling you about those that went pro starting out here with us. Either way, if you are looking for a home clan/gaming community thats us and we look forward in hearing from you!
Hey just so there isn't any confusion...we aren't an org or anything...we are a clan that plays for fun!

"Together as one, we fight to survive"

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